I’m a size 18 & did an Asos denim shorts haul – it was a total fail…one pair ride up my bum & I can't even do up another | The Sun

A FASHION fan has revealed that she did a mega Asos denim shorts haul for Summer, but was left very disappointed when she tried them on.

Jess Elle King, who is a size 18 explained that she ordered three new pairs of shorts, but didn’t like any of them.

While one pair of denims ride up her bum, she couldn’t even do up another, as they were far too tight.

Showing off her new Asos short haul on TikTok, the fashion fan shared her clip with the caption ‘Denim shorts aka my arch nemesis.’

She said: “Denim shorts are genuinely the bane of my life but I’m going on a trip on Sunday and also we're approaching Summer and the warmer months, so watch these ruin my life while I try and find a good pair that fit me I guess.

“I’ve got three different styles, two are from the Asos own brand and one from Levi’s, but all from the Asos website because they had 20% off the other day.

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“I don’t really have high hopes for any of them – denim shorts, I’ve ever had a good pair that fits me well, it’s just really hard to come by when you are a bigger size.

“I’m sure I’m not the only one that finds it difficult, if you are mid-size or plus-size, denim shorts are just difficult.

“This first pair are the Asos own brand ones, they are a size 18 and they are tall, a-line denim shorts, so we’ll see what they’re like.”

Jess tried on the first pair of denims and noted: “I thought buying a pair from the tall section would make them a bit longer but as you can see, they are going right up the middle and they are so short.

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“I thought the a-line bit would be good because I’ve got quite thick thighs but why are they the tiniest shorts I have ever put on my body, in my life.”

Next, she tried on another pair, as she continued: “Second Asos pair – these are called denim dad shorts.

“Cool – these ones don’t even do up.

“They are skin tight on my thighs.

“These are really not good. 

“Do we think the Levi’s ones will save the day or will they ruin my life?

“They’re from the plus-size range and they are mom shorts, distressed mom shorts.”

Finally, Jess modelled her third pair, but things unfortunately didn’t improve.

She added: “These are actually the best fitting so far, they are a little bit longer than the first pair and they aren’t skin tight.

“They’re a better length as well, they’re not as tight on my stomach but I think if I sized them up they would be a bit too big overall.

“I like the distressed look but do I want the distressed look every time I put on a pair of shorts? No.

“I think I would prefer a completely plain pair.

“They fit the best out of all of them but I still don't think I like them so the hunt continues.”

Jess posted her video just 16 hours ago, but it has quickly amassed thousands of views, 533 likes and 51 comments.

Fashion fans were eager to take to the comments to share their recommendations for the best denim shorts. 

One person said: “I got a decent pair in Next last summer. Just their own brand and were a decent length and not too tight on the thighs.” 

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Another added: “Try Monki or Ambercrombie curve (check the size guide as it’s super misleading)!” 

A third commented: “M&S denim shorts are a must, I won’t buy denim shorts anywhere else! Stretchy and loads of styles.” 

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