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A SAVVY mum has taken to TiKTok to share why you should always buy the dupes first – because it’ll save you money in the long run. 

Sophie revealed that she always buys fashion dupes to test whether the pricey item she wants is worth the investment. 

Her logic – If she’s not using it over and over, it’s not. 

The self-confessed impulse buyer has admitted that this has stopped her splashing out on pricey items like the Ultra Mini Uggs – and so now she’s encouraging her followers to do the same. 

Known online as @sophieclarewhite, the content creator regularly shares fashion and styling tips with her 2,300 followers. 

In a new reel, she said: “Why aren’t you buying dupes? 


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“I’m not talking about knockoffs, I’m not talking about AliExpress or DHgate, I’m talking about like dupes that are made by places like Primark. 

“And here’s my hack before I buy the real thing."

Holding up her dupes for the viral Ultra Mini Ugg Boots, she continued: “Starting off with these which are meant to be like the short Uggs. They’re not amazing. 

“The idea behind it is this – if I go to reach for those Uggs with an outfit over and over again, then I think, ‘okay, I would get use out of those £130 real Uggs’. 

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“So even though I’ve spent six quid, it’s six quid well spent because I know that even in addition to the £130, that made sense because I’ve not wasted my money. 

“Whereas if I didn’t reach for them, which I haven’t, then I know that that six quid is down the drain, but at least it’s not £130."

Filming her dupes for the popular Nike Dunk Lows, she added: "Moving on to these which are from Primark which are meant to be like the Nike Low Dunks. 

“Same theory applies. I think they were £13 and I kept reaching for them with a certain pair of jeans and then I thought, ‘I really want to get some of these, they are worst the investment’. 

“Is this the same as this? No, but will they look the same with outfits just to see what they look like? Yes.

“So I ended up with these, and these ones because I knew that I’d worn them so much that in either colour, they would get worn and used and a great investment.”

Below the video, she added: “Money saving tip from an impulse buyer that wants everything immediately! BUY THE DUPES”

Fans loved her money-saving idea, with the video gaining more than 230 likes and 4000 views. 

In the comments, Sophie’s followers shared their reactions, with one writing: “Love this. I do the exact same! Such a good method to see if you would actually wear the item and then invest! X

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Sophie replied: “100% I’m fed up of wasting money!”

Another said: “I do this all the time, great for white trainers that I don’t mind risking putting in the washing machine if they are cheap/high street.”

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