I’m a savvy shopper & I’ve found a secret place to get designer gear and jewellery for cheap, there’s some for just £8 | The Sun

A SAVVY bargain hunter had found a hidden gem in London where people can go to bid on designer wear and jewellery starting from just £8. 

Taking to social media, they explained that the place deals in auctions to buy unclaimed luggage from airports. 

Explaining that you need to go to Tooting Broadway on the tube to get there, they showed rows upon rows of suitcases on the shelves of the store.

“Literally hundreds of filled suitcases to choose from with bids starting at only £8,” they wrote over this. 

Panning the camera onto another wall, viewers could see stacks of plastic bags that correspond to the suitcases.

It means potential customers can see what they’re bidding on in person, rather than having to wait to open the suitcase up themselves. 

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“There’s designer luggage too!” they went on to explain while showing off some Louis Vuitton gear through a locked glass case.

There isn’t only luggage up for grabs though as there appears to be an entire section for designer handbags and alcohol, too. 

Yves Saint Laurent and Fendi purses lined one wall while another had everything from Smirnoff to Captain Morgan. 

“And other random small lots you can bid for at super discounted prices,” they said as they showed off a section of pearls, soaps and even mouthwash. 

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Ending the clip, they revealed the location to be 211 Longley Rd, London, SW17 9LG, which brings people to Greasby’s, a family-run business. 

In the caption, TikTok user @london_xploring added: “Unclaimed baggage auction easily accessible from central London by tube

“you can get designer brands, cameras, art, electronics all for fractions of what they would otherwise cost”. 

And people were left amazed by the discovery as one person questioned: “How are the prices?” 

They responded: “Very fair! Got a bottle of unopened Belvedere for £8, vintage Burberry leather jacket for £30 and canon camera for £35!”

Another person compared the concept to the US TV show Storage Wars, while another said: “So they’ve opened the suitcases and taken all the valuables out to sell separately…” with a side eye emoji.

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