Plumbers react in horror to woman’s 4p loo cleaning ‘hack’ – saying she could be wrecking the pipes for good | The Sun

A CLEANING fan has shared the unusual ‘hack’ she uses to keep her toilet fresh and clean.

But people are saying its a huge mistake and it’s left plumbers horrified.

Cleaning fan Anne Caserta shared her strange 'hack' in a TikTok video online. 

The mum claims she has been using the 'hack' for years in every toilet she has had.

She said: “Toothpaste goes in all my toilet bowls.”

She argues doing this helps prevent mineral build up in her toilet and helps against hard water. 

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The cleaning fan claims: “It helps with the mineral build up and the hard water.

Though it may look like Anna is simply chucking a toothpaste tube in her toilet tank, she found a way to make sure the toothpaste seeps into the toilet water. 

Ana uses a safety pin to stab her toothpaste. 

She said: “Just cut the ends and then take a little pin and stab,stab, stab, stab.”

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The cleaning fan explained: “This way the toothpaste comes out little by little. Loosen the cap a little bit.” 

Anna claims: “Now every time you flush, fresh and clean.”


The video racked up over 990,000 views. 

Anna was inundated with tons of comments from plumbers explaining why this was a terrible mistake. 

One plumber said: “As a plumber for the past 14 years. Do not do this.”

“NEVER put anything in the tank. It breaks down all the gaskets,” claimed another. 

A third viewer joked: “I can barely afford it for my teeth.”

“That splashback is going to be minty af!” said a fourth viewer.

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Safe to say the experts do not recommend you trying this out.

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