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A STYLE Coach has shared her “dos and don’ts” for tucking T-shirts, blouses and jumpers into your bottoms. 

According to Tanistha Basu, plenty of people are tucking their tops in wrong – and it’s causing their outfits to look bulky. 

Taking to Instagram, she shared a demonstration on how to tuck a blouse or shirt, as well as normal tees and jumpers, into jeans, skirts or workwear trousers. 

For tucking a blouse or shirt, you need to leave the bottom buttons undone and tuck each end of the shirt to the opposite side of the trousers. 

This will ensure there’s no bulking around your midriff where the shirt is scrunched up. 

“Please ensure the shirt corners are properly overlapping one another and are flattened out when tucked inside the bottoms,” Tanistha advised. 

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If you’re tucking a top into a skirt, she said to tie the front of it with a hair band so you can tuck the bulky part of the top under.

For tucking a top into jeans, she advised to tuck the hem of the top in first so that you can fold the top over your waistband. 

She described it as “tucking the thin end of the T-shirt for a cleaner look”. 

The content creator says her “tucking dos and dont’s” video has been her most popular on social media, with ten million people tuning in to it. 

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People dubbed the tips “awesome” and “super helpful”. 

The key to a good top-tuck is to make it look effortless, as to suggest the clothes just fell into that position. 

Tanistha has nearly 160k followers on Instagram, where she regularly shares her fashion hacks. 

Among these include how to match your lipstick with your outfit and how to keep your jewellery looking brand new. 

On YouTube, she shares further tips about matching colours and style mistakes that are “ruining” your outfits.

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