I'm a vet & if your dog is licking their paws it's a warning sign something wrong is going on, here's what it could mean | The Sun

A VET has revealed that your dog licking their paws could be a sign something is wrong.

Amir Anwary, a vet in South Africa revealed in a TikTok video exactly what it could mean.

Taking to TikTok, he wrote: "Why does your dog like their paws?"

"Licking paws constantly is not normal behaviour…" he captioned the post.

In the short clip, he revealed there could be five things wrong with your pet, the first being allergies or irritants.

The vet also revealed it could be a sign that a foreign object had gotten stuck in between the toes.


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Licking their paws constantly could also be a sign of arthritis or pain said the vet.

Finally, he revealed it could also mean your dog is suffering from anxiety.

The video has since gone viral with over 40k views and over 1,000 likes.

People were quick to share their thoughts in the comments section of the video posted to the vet's account @amirthevet.

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One person wrote: "How do I know which one/ how do I treat it because my beagle will sit there and like bite and lick his paws and nails."

Another commented: "My dog had allergies, to the food she ate for so long. she chewed all 4 of her paws till they were raw. no more pellets and she is fine now."

"Literally was noticing this with mine a few days ago thank you," penned a third.

Meanwhile, Amir said: "Too many people think paw licking is normal … your fur babies are uncomfortable do something to help them."

"I thought it was to annoy me,” claimed a fifth.

Someone else added: "My little girl does that but I think it’s anxiety. No allergies or joint pain."

For those concerned about their dog's behaviour, it is always best to seek advise from a registered vet.

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