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THERE’S nothing worse than a dog that won’t stop barking.

Whether it’s whenever the doorbell rings or as soon as anyone comes up to their owners, having a dog that won’t stop barking is a real nuisance.

But fear not, vet technicians at The Spruce Pets have revealed the top quietest dog breeds.

So if you are looking to buy a dog, but want one that won’t bark all the time and won’t get on your neighbours' nerves, you’ve come to the right place.

While it’s possible to train a dog to bark less, you can improve your odds of having a quiet dog by getting a breed with a low tendency to bark.

Certain dogs were bred to be barking hunting dogs – alerting the hunter to prey. 

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Meanwhile, other dogs keep quiet and remain stealthy, allowing them to catch game.

There’s a variety of reasons why dogs bark – out of excitement, anxiety, boredom, and more. 

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It's their natural way to communicate, and owners must understand the reasons behind the barks before they can address the behaviour.

But if you want a quiet dog that won’t bark every time the doorbell rings, here’s the ones you should consider.

The first dog that the vets recommended is an Afghan Hound.

According to the experts: “Afghan hounds are generally quiet and independent, though they can be playful and affectionate around their favourite humans. 

“They are intensely loyal to their families.”

Another dog that is going to keep the noise down is an Akita.

The experts explained that: “Akitas can make excellent guard dogs and will typically only bark to alert you of danger. 

“They are intensely loyal and often form strong bonds with only a few people. Otherwise, they tend to be aloof around strangers.”

The experts advised that Basenji’s are another dog that stays quiet and doesn’t bark all the time.

The vet experts said: “The Basenji doesn't bark. Instead, the breed makes a yodelling sound when vocalising. 

“These dogs are not especially noisy, but they are also not silent. 

“When excited, expect the occasional yodel, squeal, or whine out of these energetic dogs.”

What’s more, the popular Chow Chow breed are another that will keep the noise down.

The experts continued: “Chow Chows are generally not barkers unless they sense danger. Even then, they're not especially vocal. 

“They sometimes have a reputation for being aggressive, but this is mainly because they want to protect themselves and their families.”

Finally, another dog that will keep the noise down and not get on your neighbours' nerves is a Collie.

The vets concluded: “Intelligent and athletic, collies are typically quiet until they have something important to say. 

“This gentle breed can make an excellent companion for many types of homes.” 

Other dogs that should keep the noise down are Greyhounds, Newfoundlands, Saint Bernards, Shiba Inus and Whippets. 

However, unlike their quiet cousins, several dog breeds are known for their vocal nature. 

The experts explained that: "Yorkshire terriers tend to be barkers and often react to movement around their homes. 

According to the vet experts: “Scenthound dogs, including basset hounds and beagles, can also be rather noisy with their melodious howls, though they typically aren’t excessive barkers.”

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And one of the barkiest, loudest dogs, according to the vets, is a Finnish spitz.

The experts explained that this breed of dog is also called the barking bird dog and can bark up to 160 times per minute.

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