You’ve been cleaning your toilet all wrong – the right way will cut cleaning time in half & all you need is toilet roll | The Sun

WE GET it, nobody takes pleasure in cleaning their toilet.

Plus, it seems no matter how much you clean there's always those annoying bits of dust you can never seem to get off.

Thankfully, a cleaning expert has revealed that we've been doing it all wrong.

And his clever hack will cut cleaning time in half.

Sharing the hack on TikTok, Geo revealed all you need is some toilet paper.

In the short clip, he said: "This simple cleaning hack will cut your cleaning time down and make the job so much easier.


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"You will no longer rave to excessively rinse your cloth trying to remove dust and hairs form your microfibre."

Instead, Geo takeasome sheets of toilet roll before applying any products to the toilet and gives it a quick wipe to pick up any dust and hairs.

Geo recommends working form top to bottom in an 'S' shape and explains the toilet roll will trap and hold the dust.

He adds that it's super hygienic too as when you are done you can just flush it away.

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The video has since gone viral with over 300k views and viewers couldn't believe they hadn't tried it sooner.

One wrote: "I do this all the time now after you told me, literally makes it so much easier."

Another commented: "Duh! How come I’ve never thought of this before? Thanks George! X"

A third penned: "CHRIST ALIVE I’ve needed this in my life."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "It's been right there my entire life and I never even considered it, thank you."

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