I’m an interior designer and there are three tips every messy girl should live by – it’s all about clever storage | The Sun

WE ALL watch those videos of people organising their homes, but not everyone is a clean queen. 

Some of us are messy and that’s where interior designer Brie Turton comes in. 

The professional has taken to her social media account to share her top three tips for people who just can’t seem to keep their homes neat and tidy. 

“Messy girls guide to interior design,” she said, encouraging the viewer to hear what she has to say. “If you love interiors but you’re not the tidiest person then you are in the right place.” 

Her first suggestion to viewers is called the ‘bedside rule of three’, which means you keep three different compartments for three different types of things. 

Claiming she knows you’ve probably left on your bedside table, Brie said she swears by this method. 

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“Number one is a tray for things that are meant to be there,” she said. “So in my bedside table, that is a room spray and a little dish for my engagement ring.”

She continued: “Number two is a smaller dish for last minute things that I’ve forgotten to take off, like earrings or hair ties go in dish number two.” 

The third compartment is a drawer at the top of your bedside table for the “random” items that have been stacked on top of the nightstand, which can be swept in there before you sleep. 

“You can go to sleep in that nice, clean space and you can clean that drawer up later,” she said. 

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The second suggestion TikTok user @studiobrie has for viewers is to have a pantry. 

But she explained it’s not one that has glass jars with everything neatly stacked on top of each other. Instead, she thinks larger baskets would be better, where you can dump whatever you need into them. 

“You can keep things in their original packaging, because I know you’ve got good intentions in decanting absolutely everything like the first picture, but you’re not going to keep that up,” she said. “And all of a sudden you’ve got jars and the original packaging next to it and it just looks like a total disaster.” 

She went on to say big boxes are better for messy girls because they look uniform and tidy without having to actually be tidy. 

Her third and final tip is to have an “abundance of matching coat hangers”. 

She said if you keep an extra box in the bottom of your wardrobe you’ll find that the ‘floor-drobe’ is out. 

People were quick to comment as one person wrote: “It’s me, I’m the messy girl,” followed by a crying with laughter emoji.

Another said: “The coat hanger trick is so true! And you can get such affordable wooden ones from ikea.” 

While a third added: “You are a godsend”.