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AM INTERIOR design expert has proven that you haven't got to spend a small fortune to make your home look expensive.

The interior whizz named Krish took TikTok and revealed his top tips on how to transform your home to look classy, without forking out the hefty designer price tags.

In the clip, Krish begins by recommending that homeowners should add panelling half way up their walls.

He goes on to suggest that tall headboards can also make a house appear more grand.

And to really achieve that expensive look, the interior design guru advises opting for ceiling coving and oak wood flooding.

The post has since garnered an impressive 294,000 views and been inundated with comments.


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I’m an interior expert…the things that instantly make your home look cheap

"Suddenly my house is expensive," joked one.

A second enthused: "Wow such helpful tips!"

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However, not all social media users were in agreement with Krish's suggestions.

"I agree with all of them but I think the tall headboard just look like you've bought the wrong size," wrote one.

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A second quipped: "Wall panelled walls look naff. It’s a current trend that will date."

A third noted: "Tall headboards have gone out of fashion now."

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Krish replied: "That’s a good thing because then it’s more unique."

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "Panelled walls = influencer in a new build vibes."

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