I’m in the no bra club – I’ve not worn one for three years except for a specific location | The Sun

THE SOLE location one bra-free woman springs for chest support has been unveiled for the internet.

Though this TikToker is a proud member of the no-bra club, they have shared a circumstance where they deem it necessary to contain the girls.

TikTok user known by the moniker "Madds" posted a video of her dancing in affirmation with the text overlay that read "Dance if you haven't worn a bra in three years because one day you just got tired of them."

Her caption for the video held down the one spot where the possibly-constricting underwear can actually be a plus, as it read: "Basically…Except at the gym!"

Other women rallied in the comments about whether a bra was the way to go.

One said: "If mines (sic) weren't living in South America while I'm up north I honestly would too."


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Another echoed the sentiment of the video with "It feels like torture now. Bralettes and sports bras for the win.

In awe, a third comment asked Madds: "How does it feel to live my dream?"

Different TikTokers threw around confessions that they've gone bra-free "since quarantine" and since they've "started working from home."

Wanting to join in on the comfort, a comment mentioned that they wanted to try foregoing a bra but they couldn't imagine how "without making it obvious and comfortable."

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Madds mentioned that "sometimes I wear a flannel over my tops if I'm seeing family," but that in public she doesn't care, as "no one has ever stared or bothered me."

"This needs to be normalized. I barely have a cups but still get shamed by grown adults when I don’t wear one."

A TikToker even claimed that wearing a bra contributed to health issues.

They said they "hated indigestion" they "got from the tight bands."

After Madds urged them to elaborate, they claimed below the video that the "tightness" can give you acid reflux."

Reportedly, they were two years bra-free after suffering from bad acid reflux because "my band was too tight.

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