I’m midsize – I tried the viral women’s boxers from Kim Kardashian’s Skims and there was a strange feature | The Sun

KIM Kardashian's clothing company has released a new collection, including women's boxers.

TikTok user Ava, who runs the account @itis.ava, shared her thoughts on her Skims haul.

The influencer modeled the bubble gum pink cotton rib boxers, available from Skims for $32, in a size large.

Ava detailed that she sized up in the shorts as she was skeptical of the fit, but noticed a strange feature.

"I usually wear my shorts like below my belly button. But [the crotch] part is really long," she explained.

The TikToker shared that the boxers only fit when she pulled them above her naval.

Ava added that the bubble gum shorts were also "a little see through."

She also tried on the matching pink cotton rib tank top, available for $36.

"The tank top literally fits exactly how I wanted to. It is so cute. I love it, slay," Ava told her followers.

Next, the influencer modeled the $54 cotton jersey long sleeve T-shirt.

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She detailed: "I honestly probably would size down in her next time as well, just because I want her a little bit tighter."

Ava also tried on the bubble gum cotton jersey T-shirt, available for $48.

"She’s so cute, I love her. So comfortable, so breathable. This fabric is so soft, like it truly is really soft. I love it," she told her followers.

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