I’m plus size and tried on a size 20 mini skirt from H&M – everyone agrees it was shocking | The Sun

CAN you buy the same sized clothes in every shop on the high street? 

The likelihood is, you have to swap and change your sizing depending on the store – and it shouldn’t be this way. 

If you have to buy multiple sizes of one item, or take countless sizes to the changing room of your chosen store, you’re not alone. 

One plus-sized shopper was stunned after trying on a mini skirt from H&M and has urged the fashion store to ‘do better’.

Freya Dudding is famous for her mid-to-plus size outfit videos on TikTok, and almost 30,000 people watch for inspiration.

In a recent clip, she unveiled her latest purchase from H&M. 

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She tried on a check mini skirt in UK size 20 and was stunned to discover that it wouldn’t do up. 

Freya bought the skirt online, assuming the size 20 would fit perfectly. But the item was inches too small.

In the clip, Freya stands in her bedroom while wearing a green long-sleeved top and a cream vest jumper. 

She moves her hands to show off the huge gap at the waist where the zip won’t do up.

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“Trying on a UK size 20 from H&M,” she writes, adding: “H&M do better.” 

But Freya’s not the only one struggling with H&M’s notoriously small sizing. In fact, her followers reveal lots of other shops have tiny waistbands too. 

“I was size 6 and had to buy 14 jeans at H&M,” confessed one user.

“I’m a size 18-20 everywhere but a 14 at M&S. An actual nightmare for my self-esteem,” shared a second. 

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“I just can’t buy any bottoms in UK stores anymore, I’m a size 18 but I’ve just settled for online stuff which is so inconvenient,” replied a third.

“Legit went into New Look, H&M and Primark today and NOTHING fit me even if I sized up 2 sizes,” exclaimed a fourth. 

Freya responded to multiple comments, sharing their distress and saying: “It’s terrible, honestly.” 

Thankfully, Freya has found other high street stores that fit her figure perfectly. 

The TikTok fashionista boasts hundreds of videos showing off her outfits of the day. 

From Shein and Asos hauls to work outfit inspiration and charity shop styling, she’s an idol for the plus-sized women of the internet. 

The size 20 H&M skirt may have been a joke, but Freya is a comfortable size 16 in Zara and a size 18 in Asos. 

She’s also a size 16 in River Island and a 2X in Cider.

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