I’m plus-size with big boobs and tried the viral button-down shirt hack – it can work but you’ll definitely need help | The Sun

WHEN a hack for wearing button-down shirts went viral, one fashion fan decided to give it a spin.

She learned the trick works as advertised on plus-size frames – but anyone would have trouble securing the top without help.

With well over 1.6million followers on TikTok, fashion blogger Kristine Thompson is known to her audience as TrendyCurvy.

On her channel, she tries viral fashion hacks to see if they'll work on larger chest sizes, like a quirky twist on a button-down shirt.

Thompson showed a clip of the original video from Lina Noory, who positioned a black button-down shirt backward, then twisted it in the center.

When Noory turned around, the shirt was buttoned up the back. "Please let this work on me because that was too cute," Thompson said.

Thompson was game to try the complicated trick. She started off by putting one arm into the backward shirt, then giving it a twist in the center.

She slid her arm into the second sleeve, then adjusted the drape in the front.

"That's a little tricky, but I think I got it," Thompson said.

"This is giving me Purple Rain vibes," she added, showing a picture of Prince in a similarly dramatic getup. "We're gonna keep going!"

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Then, Thompson turned around to show her back, where the front buttons of the shirt were mostly out of reach.

"I was able to button the top, but how are you supposed to get the other buttons by yourself?" she wondered.

Thanks to a bit of clever TikTok editing, in the blink of an eye, Thompson's back was completely buttoned.

Her fiancé came to help with the tricky buttons, Thompson revealed.

"This is the final look," Thompson said, showing off the elaborate styling.

She was able to recreate the original look with near-perfect precision, though she included one adaptation for women with larger chests.

"The hack works, but this little part is gonna keep opening if you're busty like me," she said.

She gestured at the front center of the shirt, where the twisted fabric was gathered and a sliver of midriff showed.

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But if you have a larger cup size, there's an easy fix for the gaping.

"I would suggest a slightly oversized shirt and this would be perfect," she said, happily modeling the elegant silhouette.

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