I've got a VERY unique name after marrying my husband – everyone asks why I didn't change it but I love it | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed her incredibly unique moniker, after marrying a man with the same surname as her first name.

She took to TikTok to respond to a man who had started his video musing: "A girl marries a boy and her first name is the same as his last name…"

"Hi, let me introduce myself to you," she then jumped in.

"I'm Bailey Bailey. Spelt exactly the same.

"Like you literally can't make this up.

"My first name is Bailey, my husband's last name is Bailey and so in 2020, when we got married, I became Bailey Bailey."

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"Hi, yes, I’m Bailey Bailey," she added in the caption.

People in the comments section were quick to weigh in, with many insisting they would have kept their maiden name rather than becoming Bailey Bailey.

"I simply would not have changed my last name lol," one wrote.

"Nope keeping maiden name lol," another added.

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As a third commented: "I wouldn’t have changed my last name lol. I went to school with an Adam Adams."

"Honestly he would have been friend zoned for that alone," someone else insisted.

While another said: "I know it was love because I could NEVER."

But not everyone was opposed to the name, with some insisting they loved how unique it was.

"Girl PLEASE ignore the people telling you 'YoU kNOw YOuDiDnT HavE To ChAnGe It' because it’s so CUTE," one wrote.

"Everyone's saying 'you didn't have to do it' but tbh that's hilarious and I feel like you DID have to do it lolol," another laughed.

"I'd be signing things as Bailey²," a third commented.

In another video, Bailey went into more detail as to why she hadn't kept her maiden name, admitting she'd been dreaming of marrying someone and taking on his surname since she was a little girl.

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"I thought, oh you know what, this is cool – it's the same name twice but it's unique, you don't hear of people with double names often," she said.

"Nobody pressured me into doing it, it's not seeking attention, it's just cute, it's cool, it's just the way things played out."

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