I’ve got big boobs & am always dress coded for them…people tell me to respect myself & don't ask what creepy old men say | The Sun

A YOUNG woman has revealed that she has big boobs and is fed up of the rude remarks, comments and stares that she receives as a result. 

19-year-old Abs, who posts on TikTok under the username @bb333333333, explained that she always gets the same irritating comments and stares from women and men of all ages, due to the size of her boobs.

She noted that she is often dress coded for her boobs by women and always gets the same creepy comment from old men. 

She said: “POV: You have big boobs.”

According to Abs, she claimed that middle-aged women will often point out the size of her boobs and say: “I had a body like yours when I was your age!”

She also claimed that older men will often say to her: “If I was 30 years younger…”

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Not only this, but slim women that have as Abs describes, the “perfect model body”, will often say the same thing about her boobs.

She claimed that modelesque women will say to her: “Give me some!” 

As well as this, Abs claimed that young boys will often try and approach her and talk to her, as soon as they see the size of her boobs.

She said that they will often approach her and say: “Oi miss.”

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But it’s not just the young men that get on Abs’ nerves – she explained that she will often catch strange men simply starting at her chest.

She explained that they will stare and “say nothing.”

It doesn’t end there though, as Abs explained that as a result of her big boobs, she finds that she is often dress coded.

She revealed that as soon as she wears a low-cut top, women shame her for it.

She explained that she can be “literally just wearing a tank top” and women will say: “Have some respect for yourself.” 

Finally, according to Abs, angry men can be quite nasty about her boobs and will take one look at her and say: “Fatherless s**t”

The woman’s video has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly racked up 61.5k views.

It has 1,479 likes, 11 comments and 9 shares.

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