You could have the eyes of deer hunter if you can spot the stag lurking in this woodland optical illusion | The Sun

DISGUISED somewhere within the foliage of this woodland scene is a young stag.

The young deer blends effortlessly into its environment – you need the well-trained eyes of a hunter to spot it.

Wildlife photographer, Ingo Gerlach, 65, snapped the tranquil scene in the Sauerland region – a beautiful hilly area of northwest Germany.

Only metres away from the photographer is the baby stag lying among the tree trunks and foliage – perfectly disguised and hiding from an older, more aggressive rutting deer.

Other hawk-eyed viewers might be able to spot the perfectly camouflaged leopard hiding in plain sight in this photo.

In this optical illusion, are you able to spot the deadly danger lurking in this photo before it strikes.

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