Karens judge the outfits I wear on the golf course – they may not like what I wear but their husbands do | The Sun

A GOLFING fan has been raising temperatures on the course because of her choice of outfits.

But not everyone was happy about her wardrobe selections and she has ruffled a few feathers.

She said that Karens were indignant at some of her skimpy sportswear.

This lady did note, however, that there was one group of golfers who seemed to have no problem.

She said the husbands of the unhappy Karens appeared to bear no criticism at all.

Jane Anastasia Park (@janeparrk) shared her golf green experience on her TikTok.

She has 57,000 likes on the platform, where she describes herself as "your favorite golf wife.”

Jane's sportswear on golf courses could not be described as conventional, however.

You will see no comfortable, elasticated-waisted shorts or trousers in her sports bag — she has gone for something altogether less ordinary.

In her post, she wore a midriff-baring pink top with a hat shading her eyes from the sun.

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Her burgundy hair was in two braids on either side of her head.

She smiled brightly as she waved across the range: “Saying hi to the golf Karens," she said.

But the smile dropped when she started to mimic the reaction of Karens to her greeting and chosen golfing wardrobe with a dramatic and contemptuous rolling of the eyes.

“I smell b***h," she said. “You may not like my fits but your husband does."

Commenters were impressed by her chutzpah, with one saying they loved her outfits and another writing: “We love your golf too.”

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