Kate ‘made mistake’ with ‘controversial’ and ‘inhumane’ look

After pictures were released by the Royal Family of Princess Kate, Prince William, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte on a private family holiday in the French Alps in 2016, Kate was criticised for her choice of clothing. The then Duchess of Cambridge was seen donning a pair of skiing gloves lined with possum fur. Fashion expert and celebrity stylist Miranda Holder explained why Kate should not have worn these gloves, and how she has rectified her fashion faux-pas since.

“Kate definitely made a mistake going for the possum lined gloves, especially with society becoming more and more aware of ethical, sustainable practices,” Miranda told Express.co.uk.

“It was too controversial – and frankly old fashioned for one of the most photographed women in the world to adopt this fashion choice.

“At the time, Kate still hadn’t settled into her style as one of the newest members of the Royal Family – she was doubtlessly eager to please, wanting to fit in with the rest of the family who, being upper class and known for hunting and other country pursuits that many people have always rallied against, probably thought absolutely nothing of Kate’s choice.

“They probably accepted it as perfectly normal,” Miranda claimed.

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However, in a statement released at the time, animal welfare organisation PETA UK slammed Kate’s fashion choice. A spokesperson said: “If the gloves are indeed made of real fur, we’ll be contacting Kate, who we imagine is unaware that possums killed for their fur are often caught in bone-crushing steel-jaw traps.”

Mimi Bekhechi, director of PETA UK at the time, continued: “Animals who are not killed outright by these devices can endure horrific injuries and languish for days before eventually dying of hunger, thirst or blood loss.

“Some trapped animals, especially mothers desperate to return to their young, chew through their limbs in a frantic attempt to escape.

“Since so many humane, warm and fashionable fabrics are readily available, there’s no need to wear fur­ possum or otherwise.”

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It seemed that Kate had worn the gloves on previous holidays too – she had owned the pair since 2008.

But 2016 wasn’t the last time the Princess was criticised for her fashion choices. In January 2018, the then Duchess was slammed on social media for donning what appeared to be a hat made of real fur.

The grey hat looked very much like one made by American milliner Eugenia Kim, which features a bobble made from 100 percent Arctic fox fur, retailing at the time for £240.

The Daily Express’ royal editor, Richard Palmer, contacted Kensington Palace at the time, who said the hat was made with fake fur.

The journalist wrote on Twitter: “In spite of the Twitter outcry, Kensington Palace says the Duchess was not wearing fur on her bobble hat earlier. I believe the gloves were fake fur too and the coat shearling.”

He added: “Kensington Palace has double checked and is adamant the hat is faux fur. It won’t confirm the make. Is this #fakefurnews?”

Miranda went on to explain that “as an international fashion icon”, Kate’s every move and every style choice is scrutinised. She therefore “has a responsibility to be a role model with her choices”.

However, post-pandemic engagements have seen Kate “making great strides” in sustainable and ethical fashion. It is clear that she has been thinking more carefully about her sartorial choices in the last couple of years, according to Miranda.

She said: “Kate has worn many outfit repeats, donned a rented dress at the Earthshot Prize ceremony in Boston, and, just this week at the BAFTAs, she reworked an old gown into a new shape.”

The latter dress was an Alexander McQueen, white number that the Princess first wore at the 2019 BAFTAs. She had tweaked it to look a little differently at this year’s Film Awards.

“It cannot be easy walking in Kate’s footsteps,” Miranda added. “For all the glamour, every decision is under public scrutiny and criticism.

“It’s natural for mistakes to be made, particularly early on in her royal career. But, these days, as she grows more and more in confidence, she is absolutely nailing it.”

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