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EVERY Sunday, our resident Tarotscope reader Kerry King will be revealing what surprises, challenges and excitement awaits you in the week ahead.

Kerry has been practising tarot readings for the last 20 years, starting from reading for friends to amassing an international client list.

Using her strong intuition and deep knowledge and understanding of the horoscope, she is able to provide accurate and encouraging predictions for the coming days.

Here's her predictions for YOUR star sign…

ARIES (The High Priestess, Ten of Cups, Queen of Cups)

Loved up. That’s you this week, Aries, and it feels GOOD.

The Queen and Ten of Cups combine in a double-whammy of lovin’ vibes, creating intense goodwill and affection, and passion too, for someone very special.

You’re an intense partner, you like to share everything with the person you value most, and you crave their time and attention. Well, you’re going to get it! Enjoy.

The High Priestess reveals this new level of intimacy will also bring new insight about your object of affection.

They will trust you enough to reveal something important and, up until now, secret. Listen carefully, ask questions, show that you “get” them and that you care deeply about all of this too.

And maybe, Aries, you might like to share something about yourself too.

You’re much more insecure and thoughtful than your bombastic, warm exterior would have people think.

Show some vulnerability, and feel the connection and empathy between you strengthen further.

TAURUS (Nine of Swords, Two of Swords, Six of Coins)

Please stop worrying, it doesn’t do any good past a certain point, it just undermines the worrying you’ve already done! Enough.

The Nine of Swords advises you to talk about your situation with someone you trust and respect.

They’ll listen, and they’ll help separate genuine concerns from imagined or overblown ones.

The Two of Swords then asks you to make a firm decision here, a clear-eyed choice about your next step.

That in itself will dissolve most of your fears, because you’re then into the phase of tackling them.

You’re busy and active, and there’s not time to sit and catastrophise.

The Six of Coins has a final piece of advice. As you’re going through this, spare a thought for others.

Remember we all have our private battles to fight- just as you do.

Do a favour, share a compliment, ask how someone is doing and genuinely give them your full attention. A small act can make a big difference.

GEMINI (Queen of Wands, Judgement, Eight of Wands)

Your network is the answer to everything this week, so spend some time nurturing it (music to your ears I’m sure.

You ARE the zodiac’s great communicator). The Eight and Queen of Wands are fast-talkin’, opportunistic cards which indicate an offer-you-can’t-refuse (a nice one) is going to fly in from an unexpected source.

You need to stir the pot, so to speak, to get the energies moving and the vibes flowing.

So, reconnect, make introductions, brush up your social media platforms, organise a reunion, ask how others are doing.

It’s not WHAT but WHO you know that’ll get you moving right now.

Judgement shows this is an important turning point for you, the opportunity you receive may be like a second chance, and it will enable you to walk away from something you’ve long tired of.

A new beginning which you appreciate all the more for the harder path you’ve walked to reach it.

Now. Go mingle.

CANCER (Four of Cups, Seven of Cups, The Magician)

Feeling a bit low? Or lonely? Maybe you feel the world is against you right now, and everyone else is having an easier time of it.

Well, that may be true, Cancer, (though it probably isn’t) but that mindset sure doesn’t help you feel any better.

The Four of Cups is the boredom / disappointed / unhappy card of the tarot, showing up when we’re in the doldrums.

But, remember, it’s often darkest before the dawn. The Seven of Cups reveals you need to inject some of your wonderful, unique imagination into your life- it’s what’s been missing.

Maybe a themed party evening for friends, a daring new outfit or hairdo, a trip to the library for some magical, escapist stories, or even a creative revamping of your “nest”.

The Magician reminds you that you have everything you need within.

You’re already whole, you don’t need anyone else, you’re your own BFF. Start something creative, let your imagination into your everyday life, feel the sparkle return. We’ve missed ya.

LEO (Queen of Coins, Ace of Swords, Page of Coins)

There’s a home truth you need to identify and absorb on the material, financial side of things in your world.

You are a tad extravagant at times, Leo, and you do have the ability to spend as fast as you earn.

Money doesn’t hang around for long in your realm.

The Ace of Swords shows this home truth will emerge shortly, and it’s likely to make you feel like roaring and having a lil Leo-tantrum sesh. Do that, if you must, but then pull yourself together and face the issues.

The Page and Queen of Coins show this is a golden opportunity to learn something important, and put it into action.

You will not only find out something useful, but you’ll have the immediate chance to make something of this new information or understanding.

So, tune in to this area of your life. Look for flaws. Seek advice. Ask for guidance. And LISTEN to what you’re told.

And then, simply, do something positive and useful with it. This could be a powerful turning point in your fortunes.

VIRGO (Two of Coins, Strength, The Hermit)

It’s all going on behind the scenes, underneath, behind closed doors… isn’t it.

The outside world might be thinking they’ve not seen you in a while, but The Hermit shows you’ve been beavering away, on the home front, on things which are important / serious in your life.

Strength reveals this has been an emotional time, but you’ve learnt a lot about yourself, and others.

You feel you’ve made real progress, and have experienced some break-through insights which have changed your priorities and outlook.

Although not much may have changed on the outside, it ALL has on the inside. True and lasting transformation always starts within.

The Two of Coins asks you to now move from the internal to the external impact of this change of heart and mind.

Start putting your new priorities into practice, look for ways to manifest your new values and ideas, start to take on new projects or roles which align with your beliefs.

Your world is a-changing. For the better. And it all started within.

LIBRA (Three of Swords, The Fool, Seven of Swords)

Shady people are close by right now, and you need to take care, Libra. You’re super-smart, albeit you like to be liked.

Don’t let that natural friendliness leave you exposed to someone who does NOT have your best interests at heart.

The Three and Seven of Swords are warning cards, asking you to be guarded and cautious about who you let in right now, who you trust, how far you open yourself up to others.

If in doubt, play it safe. The Fool indicates this pool of shadow is going to force you to step into a new light.

Something fresh and different will emerge in your life, likely as a result of identifying something (or someone) you need to step away from.

Sometimes it’s the “bad stuff” that galvanises us to make important changes, so thank the Universe for the nudge here, and move right on.

SCORPIO (Eight of Coins, Six of Swords, Five of Wands)

You don’t back down from fights, or skirmishes, competition or rivalry.

I know you’re strong and brave, but, honestly Scorpio, some fights have NO winners.

The Six of Swords asks you to move on from this current brawl you’re investing valuable time and energy in. The Five of Wands reveals you’ll never get a satisfactory result here, just more pain and strife.

Why do it? It’s not worth it, and you could be putting that precious power of yours towards much better ends.

So, back down, retreat, call it off, withdraw. The Eight of Coins shows there is a big, juicy life lesson lurking here.

Maybe now is not the right time to seek it, but when you feel objective about this situation and like enough time has passed to look back at it dispassionately… do so.

We don’t learn HALF as much from our successes as our mistakes. And this is a golden one!

SAGITTARIUS (The Magician, Four of Coins, Five of Coins)

Ruled by Jupiter, you have a knack of landing on your feet, smelling of roses, coming up trumps.

You’re lucky! The Magician sees this powerful cat-like “nine lives” energy around you this week, helping you to turn a misfortune you’ve endured recently into something positive.

Good on you, Sagittarius, I admire your optimism and resilience.

It’s definitely the right way to live. The Four and Five of Coins show that this setback has been difficult to overcome, and felt like a grave loss in your life.

It has stalled your plans, and kept you in a kind of stasis that you felt constrained and frustrated by.

Well, the tables are turning, and you’re seeing both the Exit door and the life lessons this chapter has brought to you.

It’s not the successes or easy phases that shape our character, but the hardships and challenges.

You have handled all of this brilliantly, and the Universe tips its hat to you, the zodiac’s great survivor. You’re due for a run of good fortune hereonin.

CAPRICORN (Ten of Swords, Six of Swords, Knight of Cups)

Two powerful cards about departures, cutting ties and moving on are with you this week, Cap. The Six and Ten of Swords.

It’s like the Universe is shouting at you to close something, or someone, down for good.

This situation has felt draining and difficult and it’s not going to improve.

It’s time to cut your losses and withdraw and, trust me, it won’t feel sad or painful… you’re ready for this to end. So, end it.

The Knight of Cups sweeps in swiftly on the heels of this departing “black cloud” to suggest you go have some fun with those you love and like.

Why not! You work hard, you do what you need to do, and life can’t be all obligation and graft.

Take a “time out” this coming weekend and do something new, fun and (dare I say) a bit frivolous. It’s the festive season after all.

Go enjoy yourself, and put some distance between you and this departing (negative) chapter.

AQUARIUS (King of Coins, Four of Wands, Ace of Coins)

All your hard work is starting to pay off and it’s whetting your appetite to get even bigger and better
rewards! You are, my friend, on a roll, and power to you!

The Four of Wands shows the recognition and appreciation others have towards you, and that this is materialising in actual tangible rewards now.

You can improve your situation and circumstances, as a result. It feels good doesn’t it? So, the King and Ace of Coins come in to advise you to build on your success.

Save, invest, sow more opportunities to reap down the line, share the good vibes and build your karma “credit”, use your achievements as a platform to bounce up to the next level.

This is not a time to rest, relax, sit on your laurels or think that this is as far as you can go… it isn’t. This is just the beginning.

Nothing can stop you ATM, so use this positive momentum to forge even further ahead. You are on fire, my friend!

PISCES (Two of Wands, The Emperor, The Wheel of Fortune)

Decisions, decisions… there are choices to be made and time’s a-ticking, Pisces.

The Two of Wands is a reassurance that you can’t really go wrong here, other than to avoid making a choice altogether (which IS actually a choice in itself, a passive one).

Two super-powerful cards sweep in to help you decide.

Firstly, The Emperor. This then is purely about your own agenda, your best interests, being quite UN-Pisces-y and looking after yourself first and foremost.

Secondly, The Wheel of Fortune. This is your destiny and life is nudging you in a new direction. This decision shouldn’t protect the status quo but open up new doors.

So, seek change, seek transformation. Be brave and do something different here, and you won’t (honestly) regret it. You’re the boss, make your life happen.

Kerry King uses tarot and star sign wisdom to create inspiring forecasts and insights, with over 20 years fortune telling experience, and many happy clients all over the world.

You can book a personal, written reading, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, at

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