Meghan Markle blanking Jessica Mulroney’s calls as ‘devastated’ pal considers writing tell-all on duchess, sources claim

MEGHAN Markle's former best friend Jessica Mulroney has been calling her constantly, desperate to patch up their friendship, sources claim.

But Meghan hasn't responded to the calls from the Canadian socialite, 40, who has been left devastated after their fall out last month.

Jessica has reportedly been warned that it's unlikely she'll be readmitted into Meghan's inner circle and is now considering writing a tell-all book about Meghan "because she has nothing to lose," Mail Online reports.

An insider told the publication: "Jessica has been calling Meghan non-stop and also calling up mutual friends to try and patch up their friendship.

"She's devastated Meghan has turned her back on her at a time when she needs her most. But their friends have told her not to expect to hear back from Meghan because when she cuts someone off, she's done for good – just like with her family."

Former actress Meghan, 38, has been friends with Jessica since they met in Toronto, Canada while filming US legal drama Suits.

But the pair fell out after Jessica was exposed by Canadian influencer and blogger Sasha Exeter for using her “wealth and privilege” to attempt to shut her up in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The scandal started last month when Sasha posted a “call to action” to people with large online followings to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

But Sasha claimed Jessica had taken offence to her "generic call to action" asking white influencers to speak out amid the Black Lives Matter protests, with Jessica later forced to publicly apologise after being accused of exhibiting "textbook white privilege behaviour".

Sasha also shared screenshots that showed Jessica threatening to sue her which saw her sacked from her roles on bridal show I Do, Redo and Good Morning America.

But a source close to Jessica said: “She was stupid and tone deaf but she’s definitely not racist.”

After the scandal, Jessica — married to former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s son Ben, 44 — tried to apologise by referring to her friendship with Meghan.

But the Duchess was left "mortified" having been dragged into the mess which led her to put an end to the already rocky friendship.

Meghan, who is currently living in Tyler Perry's LA mansion with Prince Harry, 35,and their son Archie, one, is said to have grown to feel that her friend was “benefitting” from her royal position, according to Page Six.

An unnamed source told the site that the white privilege row had really given Meghan the excuse she was waiting for to cut Jess off for good.

Friends of Jessica have said she is now at her wits' end, Mail Online reports,and is considering writing a tell-all book about Meghan "because she has nothing to lose".

Meghan and Harry are said to want to speak out more about race, now that they've stepped away from their royal duties in the UK and recently joined a campaign to boycott Facebook in a bid to stop the spread of hate speech on the social media platform.

But according to sources who spoke to Mail Online, Jessica isn't the only friend of Meghan's whose been cut off as many of her old acquaintances have been given the cold shoulder since trying to reinvent herself as a public speaker.

The insider claims the Duchess has become increasingly distant from her old LA circle, amid fears that they can't be trusted not to speak about her publicly.

The source said: "Meghan has cut off most of her old friends in LA. They were so excited to see her when she came back home and were expecting to hear from her. But she hasn't reached out to anyone.

Adding that some friends have even tried to connecting with her through her mum, Doria,but she fail to answer her phone and the old numbers they have for Meghan are no longer active.

'Lots of people are now feeling sad they've been cut off by her and are having to accept that they'll never hear from her again.'

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