Meghan Markle's jewellery: Hidden messages behind it including Diana tributes, status symbols and 'pleasing Harry'

MEGHAN Markle had the world's eyes on her like never before when she sat down for her tell-all chat with Oprah.

And she ensured she paid a moving tribute to Harry's late mother Princess Diana while on screen – by wearing her Cartier diamond tennis bracelet.

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Diana was pictured wearing the delicate sparkler in 1997 during a private viewing and reception at Christies in aid of the Aid Crisis Trust and The Royal Marsden Hospital Cancer Fund.

But the bombshell interview is not the first time Meghan has used her jewellery to make a statement.

Just recently she came under fire after it emerged a pair of earrings she has been seen wearing were given to her by the controversial Saudi Crown Prince.

However others have received a much more positive reception. Here we ask author of The Psychology of Fashion, Professor Carolyn Mair, to dissect the hidden messages behind Meghan’s other jewels.

The Saudi earrings

Occasion: Fiji state dinner

Worth: Est. £500K

Meghan first wore the sparkling diamond wedding gift at a formal dinner in Fiji in 2018 on her first royal tour with Prince Harry. 

But just weeks before, Prince Mohammed bin Salman had allegedly approved the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul.

Meghan’s lawyers say she was unaware of this fact.  

At the time, Kensington Palace were uncharacteristically coy about where the lavish earrings had come from – saying they were "borrowed", without stating who from.

She later wore the jewels to Prince Charles’ 70th birthday in December that year.

Professor Carolyn said she may have been wearing the controversial earrings as a way of making her mark as a newcomer to royalty.

She says: “They look very royal – there’s not that many people who could afford earring like that.

“They are a symbol of her wealth and her status. 

“She’s got her hair tucked behind her ears and they’re not what you would call discrete at all. 

“Beyond the political, they are very much an item of jewellery which is designed to be seen.”

Maya Brenner H and M initial necklace

Occasion: Dating

Worth: £188

While Meg and Harry's relationship was hush-hush in 2016, she gave us a big hint the romance was on with this necklace. 

The US jewellery designer behind the gold initialled chain said she had to shut down her website after Meghan wore her wares in Toronto, Canada. 

She said: “I was very excited to see her wearing it, but I was cautious, too. 

“We make everything by hand and I was conscious of the fact I didn't want to take all these orders and not be able to fulfill them.”

Prof Carolyn says: “She wanted to give a message – that’s why you wear clothes with slogans and logos. 

“They make the communication that we use fashion for much more straightforward. 

“It clarifies it and makes it clear – it doesn’t take a detective to work out what an ‘H’ is.

“It’s a short necklace so it’s worn above her neckline. It’s worn to show. You can have a longer necklace like a pendant that the H and M would be underneath the dress – but it isn’t.”

Three-diamond ring

Occasion: Engagement

Worth: Est. £28K

When Harry popped the question in 2017, he did it in style with this three-stone diamond ring. 

The large jewel was sourced from Botswana – a country with largely conflict-free diamonds and in-keeping with Meghan and Harry’s ethical stance. 

The ring’s band was created by the Queen’s favourite jeweller Cleave and Company while the two outside stones are diamonds from his late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales. 

But by 2019, Meghan had ditched the royal band and traded to a diamond lined golden band. 

Prof Carolyn says: “That seems to be a signal really that she was going her own way by that time and making her own decisions. 

“Of course it could be those diamonds – however many carats – were not enough.

“Perhaps she didn’t feel free to make the choice when she got engaged.

“As the years went on she realised she didn’t have to please everybody – the person she needed to please was Harry.”

The Queen Mary’s Bandeau Tiara 

Occasion: Wedding day

Worth: Est. £2M

This tiara was a source of contention between Meghan and Her Majesty ahead of her 2018 wedding. 

The duchess reportedly demanded a tiara with emeralds for her wedding day – but the Queen refused. 

An insider said at the time: "There was a very heated exchange that prompted the Queen to speak to Harry. 

"She said, ‘Meghan cannot have whatever she wants. She gets what tiara she’s given by me’."

Prof Carolyn says: “I think that’s a shame for a bride not to have what she wants for her wedding – particularly if Eugenie got it later. 

“In previous generations people were much more conformist around what they wore. 

“So lots of people wore their grandmother’s wedding dress. 

“Now brides are changing and they are saying what they want to wear. It’s a very different style to what a grandmother wore.”

Diana’s Asprey aquamarine ring

Occasion: Wedding reception

Worth: £47K 

In a tribute to the late Princess of Wales, Meghan sported a giant aquamarine ring on her way to her wedding reception. 

The huge jewel was commissioned by Princess Di from designers Asprey, after she separated from Prince Charles in 1996.  

The Princess’ jewellery collection was left to Prince William and Harry when she died in 1997. 

Prof Carolyn says: “This ring is about respect for Harry and respect for Diana. 

“It shows how much Harry loves her, to give her something so precious from his mother.

“Although that aquamarine ring is stunning by itself, what makes it what it is is that it belonged to his mother, [it] adds a value that is priceless.

“It wouldn’t matter if it was a simple gold band. It definitely brings her into the day.”

Pippa Small rings

Occasion: Eugenie’s wedding

Worth: £3,720

One of Meghan’s favourite designers is Pippa Small – whose trinkets are made by artisans in Afghanistan. 

The Afghani jewellers are part of the Prince Charles Turquoise Mountain Foundation, set up in 2006 to support crafts in the war-torn country.

She has worn the jewellery at Princess Eugenie’s wedding and the British Fashion Awards in 2018, as well as a WE Day UK event in 2019. 

Pippa said of the jewels: “You weren’t allowed to wear or make jewellery under the Taliban so it was a pretty dead industry.”

Prof Carolyn says: “What’s most important here is where these rings are made. 

"The reason she’s wearing them is to draw attention to where they are made, the artisans who are making them and to try to act as an influencer as she is.

“When she wears a dress by a particular designer, then it’s sold out in two minutes so she’s using that to help Pippa Small’s company. 

“Perhap she wouldn’t have heard of this if it hadn’t been through Prince Charles’ foundation… This is something which seems quite positive.” 

Diana’s Butterfly earrings

Occasion: First royal tour

Worth: Est. £50K

Harry and Meghan’s first tour as a royal couple was to the land down under where Princess Diana was hugely loved.

Meghan chose to wear Diana’s diamond butterfly earrings on day one of the tour in Sydney, Australia, in 2018.

Diana had first worn the gold earrings in Canada shortly after having Harry in 1987. 

Prof Carolyn says: “She’s saying ‘I have Diana with me. Harry loves me like he loves his mother’. 

“People can see them and they’ll remember that Diana wore them. 

“It shows that she’s conscientious in her choice of what to wear. They bring back memories for people there of Diana.

“Perhaps she was hoping that people would warm to her in the same way.”

Turquoise necklace 

Occasion: Archie’s birth

Worth: Est. £537 

When the duchess made her first appearance with baby Archie at Windsor Castle in 2019, she wore understated jewellery. 

Her turquoise necklace was designed by friend Jennifer Meyer. 

The Californian artist had already designed a “mummy” necklace which Meghan wore at her baby shower in New York. 

Jennifer – who has designed pieces for Scarlett Johansson and Reese Witherspoon – was reportedly banned by the Palace from using Meghan’s pictures on her Instagram.

Prof Carolyn says: “Whatever she wears is going to promote the designer – so she’s maybe been given this or chosen it to promote Jennifer Meyer. 

“She must be a fan of hers – otherwise why would she wear a £500 necklace when she’s got all the jewellery she’s got.”

Edge of Ember evil eye necklace

Occasion: Amid Megxit

Worth £135

In one of her first appearances after Megxit, Meghan chose to wear a £135 Edge Of Ember evil eye necklace. 

While speaking with her patron charity Smart Works, which helps women into work, she wore the pendant which apparently wards off evil spirits. 

According to its maker, it “bears a blue topaz evil eye to protect its wearer from negative vibes".

Prof Carolyn says: “The evil eye is very popular in eastern Europe – Turkey in particular – to ward off evil spirits. 

“Maybe at this time she felt she had a lot of negative press. 

“Maybe she was wearing this as a ‘fun’ way to say ‘you can say what you want but I’m still out there, I’m still supporting a disadvantaged population'. 

“It’s a fun way of saying ‘you can say what you like about me but it’s not going to affect me'."

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