Miley Cyrus's Strappy Black One-Piece Makes the Perfect Day Date Swimsuit

Miley Cyrus’s Strappy Black One-Piece Makes the Perfect Day Date Swimsuit

When it comes to outfits, Miley Cyrus is always a mixed bag. But when it comes to swimwear, her taste is decidedly more simple. The star seems to prefer designer logos as of late, so we weren’t surprised to spot her at Zuma beach in Malibu with Cody Simpson wearing a slick black one-piece with racerback style straps that appeared to be detailed with a designer name. Comfortable? For sure. Sexy? Yep, especially thanks to that subtle plunge — or should we say dip? — at the neckline. This is one of those designs that could double as a bodysuit under cutoffs or jeans later on.

Miley decided to layer on cozy basics for her trek out to the water. She slipped into ripped jeans and a hoodie with a graphic, plus dark sunglasses, showing off her new hairstyle all the while. Girl after our own heart, she most definitely is. Anyway, our caftans stay tucked away in the swim drawer until Summer, no questions asked, and Miley’s ensemble is proof that there are so many more options than you think when it comes to beach wear. If you’re a babe who belongs at the beach year round, a mid-January swim might just call for your most athletic suit and a cozy sweatshirt to throw on afterwards. Scroll down to get her look.

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