Mum gives birth to fit and healthy twins conceived three weeks apart

A MUM has given birth to twins said to be conceived three weeks apart.

Gabriella Christmas, 30, was delighted to find out she was pregnant but at a five-week scan a shadow was spotted.

But medics told her the shadow was another baby in an extremely rare case of superfetation.

Gabriella found second twin, Ezra, was developing three weeks behind older brother, Eduardo.

They were delivered together by C-section.

The mum, of Bedford, said: “They are twins as they were born on the same day and have the same parents — but it was two separate pregnancies at the same time.

"I'm really fortunate that they were both healthy because there were fears Ezra would have to go into NICU because he was premature."

The brothers, now two, are both fit and healthy.

Her case follows our story last week on Rebecca Roberts, 39, of Trowbridge, Wilts.

She also conceived twins three weeks apart.


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