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A FUNNY mum has left the internet in stitches after revealing her parents hired a stripper for her Barbie-themed fifth birthday party. 

32-year-old Julia Duggan from Maine, New England, was heading out to watch the Barbie movie when the embarrassing memory reared its head – and she had to tell the tale.

“My parents hired an adult entertainer for my 5th birthday party by accident,” confessed Julia, who beams while showing off her neon pink top. 

“I just remembered that I had a Barbie-themed birthday party.

“My mum said that she hired someone from the phone book because I’m 700 years old and back then, you just looked in the phone book for entertainers.”

Julia’s mum found a ‘Barbie’, but when she showed up, everyone’s jaws dropped. 

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“So the woman shows up, and she is a stripper,” she says.

“And, love her, she played along and did not take off her clothes. 

“I followed her around, thrilled that Barbie came to my birthday party, and all of the parents there had a really good laugh.”

Sadly, there’s no photographs to prove that the party stripper ever existed.

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“I’m still waiting for proof from my mum. I swear this happened,” she insists.

In a later video, she gives followers an update on whether her mum found pictures of the stripper Barbie. 

“We do have an ending to the stripper Barbie situation,” she says.

Julia shows fans a stream of messages between herself and her mum, where her mum confesses the pictures may have been lost in a basement flood.

“This is not the ending that any of us wanted so, stripper Barbie, if you’re out there, just reach out and let us know you exist, and how you’re doing.

“You made this Barbie-loving girl’s heart so happy that day.”

Julia’s TikTok video has been seen by thousands of people, and they’ve proved that she’s not the only victim of a disastrous childhood party. 

One user recalled: “My mum accidentally served a rum cake at one of my parties when I was a kid.”

A second confessed: “My mum accidentally ordered the spice channel in place of a Spice Girls concert on pay per view once.” 

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And a third said: “My parents found a strip club and accidentally took us kids there.” 

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