Mum-of-16 shares tower of 44 cereal boxes as she insists there’s ‘nothing wrong’ with a little stockpiling

A MUM-of-16 has shared her epic tower of 44 cereal boxes as she insisted there is ‘nothing wrong’ with a little stockpiling. 

Jeni and husband Ray are one of Australia's biggest families, and previously revealed they get through 36 litres of milk a week –  and it seems they’ve got the cereal to go with it. 

The mum recently shared a snap of a tower of 44 cereal boxes on Instagram, as she stocked on essentials for her supersized brood amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Jeni, whose kids are aged between five and 30, wrote: “Not running out of cereal any time soon. BAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!”

She added hashtags to the post including #stockpile #stockpilingmum #prepared and #2020. 

The mum claimed her family goes through around one to two boxes of cereal a week, but added it ‘can vary’ as they sometimes have toast for breakfast. 

She added: “We were down to last few boxes.

“Who knows what the future is going to bring.

“Besides having a lot of mouths to feed here.

“I think it’s a good idea to be prepared for the unknown.

“Nothing wrong with a little stockpiling.” 

Jeni said people mistake her for a hoarder when she goes shopping, as she previously admitted to spending a whopping £232 a week on groceries to feed her family.

She was forced to put a sign up on her trolley after receiving remarks in the supermarket, which said: "Not hoarding, just feeding 16 kids. Be kind and go away please."

The mum said her brood goes through 72 eggs, 30 chicken drumsticks, a dozen loaves of bread and 24 loo rolls in an average a week. 

Jeni often shares her mammoth shopping trips with her 25.6k YouTube fans, as she revealed how she makes the most of the budget. 

She said: "I'm taking hubby on a grocery haul. He doesn't normally come to grocery shops with me because we used to have what we call the $4 rule and if the item was more than $4 we weren't buying it."

The clip revealed scores of crisps, crackers, doughnuts, nuts, cakes and a range of chocolate biscuits, and Jeni said she thinks it's 'perfectly fine' to rely on 'convenient' foods as she has so many mouths to feed.

Jeni and Ray have 16 kids including Jesse, Brooke, Claire, Natalie, Karl, Samuel, Cameron, Sabrina, Tim, Brandon, Eve, Nate, Rachel, Eric, Damian and Katelyn.

And she started Christmas shopping in July & gets gifts on credit to make sure she can afford them all.

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