Mum of 22 Sue Radford shows the astonishing amount of toys her kids took on their first trip away in their new motorhome

WITH 22 kids, you can just imagine the amount of toys that are in Sue and Noel Radford's house.

So when it came to the family going away for the first time in their swanky new motorhome, the children had to ensure they had enough of their toys with them to keep them entertained.

Sue gave fans a tour of the motorhome in a vlog of their first trip away in the vehicle and laughed "Look at this" as she showed the back seats of the van, which was covered in toys.

As well as Barbies and dolls there was also a Paw Patrol lorry and a large horse toy in the huge piles of toys.

But they needn't have taken so much with them, as Noel and Sue pulled out all the stops to ensure their kids were entertained on the break.

As well as exploring the camping site on a long walk and quick stop at the adventure playground, they did bowling, swimming, and even played at the arcade.

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They finished off their weekend with a barbecue – on a barbecue they had bought from home – as Noel took charge of cooking the immense amount of food they needed for their brood.

"Do you know what Sue?" Noel said as he cooked.

"I had my doubts about this motorhome but I just love this lifestyle.

"It sounds daft doesn't it because we've only been here for one night but it seems like we've been here for ages.

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"We've done so much!"

"It's fantastic, isn't it?" agreed Sue, who had been the first person to suggest getting a motorhome for their ever-growing family.

Things didn't go entirely to plan though, as Sue admitted earlier in the vlog that she'd forgotten to pack bowls.

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Showing two of her kids eating their breakfast cereal out of cups, she said: "I meant to pack them, I was going to pack them and then I completely forgot because I got waylaid doing something else.

"I’m going to make sure I’ll pack them for next time."

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