Creating the perfect look for your wedding day goes way beyond choosing a great dress – it’s about crafting an effortlessly flawless look you’ll be proud of for years to come! One of the most crucial elements is to find a hairdo that works seamlessly with your gown.
Although the silhouette you choose plays a big part in trying to determine the right hairstyle, the neckline will have a substantial influence too. If undecided as to which dress to wear, there are a lot of bridal dresses you can choose from; may it be online or physical stores. You can first browse the online bridal stores such as JJ’s House to give you an idea. If nothing catches your attention then you can check nearby boutiques. Choosing the perfect dress would be considered the key to having the right hairstyle that goes with it. Let’s look at some different neckline designs to see what hairstyle works best for them.

Sweetheart & Strapless

This style of bodice is probably the most versatile when it comes to choosing the right hairstyle to suit. You can pick from completely up, completely down, or half-up half-down so you can skip to the next step and take the location into consideration.
For beach wedding dresses, you will want something that gives off a relaxed vibe so an updo will probably look a little stiff and formal. On the other hand, if you have chosen an upmarket, formal venue, an updo will be perfect with this style of dress.


V-neck wedding dresses are designs to elongate the torso and draw attention to the décolletage. As such, wearing your hair in an updo will add to that effect, creating an even longer look around the neck, accentuating your collarbone and shoulders.
It’s even more important to keep the flow of the silhouette with designs such as mermaid wedding dresses, as having your hair down can disrupt the lines you worked hard to create with this style.


One-shoulder gowns are sexy and demure at the same time, so this is just the moment to debut a gorgeous side bun or side braid. This is another instance where the location of the wedding has a lot of influence on what is the appropriate choice.
Side buns are an excellent choice for beach wedding dresses as well as formal venues, with the difference being in the messiness of the bun. For a more casual look suited to a beachside venue, a messy, perfectly imperfect side bun is a great choice.

High Neckline

High neckline dresses tend to have a more formal look than other designs, but it doesn’t mean the hairstyle has to be overly polished or formal.
You can opt for an updo style, but if it is a deconstructed look it shouldn’t be too messy looking – just enough to look effortless!
Another option is half-up half-down with braiding worked in for a modern look, or a chic, low ponytail. The crucial point to remember is not to have the hair all down as it can tend to look a little old-fashioned.

Capped & Long-sleeve

Capped and long sleeve dresses often have intricate details in the sleeves that should not have to compete with your hair for attention! An updo is an appropriate choice for this style of dress, but it doesn’t have to be formal or overworked – even a simple, polished ponytail will look lovely!
***With each design and respective suggestions for the hairstyles, you will now be able to choose whether you will have to add headpieces such as wedding veil or a fascinator. Some hairstyles are too perfect that headpieces are not actually needed meanwhile traditionally, most brides choose to wear either of the mentioned headpieces.