Mum shares clever way she turns her paddling pool into a hot tub for kids to stop them moaning about the cold water | The Sun

SUMMER’S here and parents will know this is the perfect time to get those paddling pools out for the kids.

While some kids will love the cold water in these hot temperatures, others may not be quite so comfortable. Luckily there is one nifty trick that can turn your kid’s pool into a hot tub.

Shared on Instagram by Kate Bast at the @thebastfam, the trick is pretty simple and you’ll only need one extra item, a balloon, which if any of your children have had  a birthday recently you may already have in your house.

According to Kate, the first thing you’ll need to do is cut up an un-inflated balloon, disposing of the top half and keep the bottom half, which would usually be used to tie a knot.

You then use this to attach your hose to the kitchen sink, with the other end in the pool.

When this is set up just turn on the hot water and you’ll have a warm paddling pool in no time.


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Kate adds that you should “adjust the temperature depending on your child’s age” and to be sure to keep close supervision of your children when using this hack.

Other parents were amazed at Kate’s top tip, with one writing: “Thank God for you. This suggestion is so needed. My family had been filling the pool and then waiting as the sun warmed the water.”

“Thank you! I’m totally trying this. We live in Wyoming and the water from our hose is a bit chilly for my littles, so I’ll be trying this with lukewarm water” shared another mum.

Another simply said the hack was a “game changer.”

Some other mums, however, said that the trick wasn’t going to help them much, with soaring temperatures meaning their kids need the cold water.

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“It was 109 degrees in Texas today, I'll be putting ice cubes in my pool before anything else,” commented one mum.

While another shared a rather different problem when it comes to filling up a paddling pool: “Or just live in AZ and you will ONLY get hot water out of your hose.”

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