Mum shares recipe hacks for making dinners for fussy kids – and they’re so simple

AS we're sure all mums will agree, it's hard enough finding meals that the whole family enjoy – but add a fussy eater into the mix and it's downright impossible.

Well if your kids are going through an awkward food phase, then you might just want to take notes from this savvy mum-of-three.

All through lockdown, the mum – who runs the TikTok page Not Ur Basic Mama – has been sharing the simple meals and snacks she makes for her fussy kids.

Giving her 190,000 followers a step-by-step guide to a faff-free lunch, the mum started by drizzling some ketchup on a plain wrap.

She then grated some cheese over the top and placed three pieces of salami in the middle before rolling it up and slicing into thin sections.

As for a sweet and easy treat, the mum bought some of Co-Operative's readymade puff pastry and dolloped a few spoonfuls of Nutella over it.

Once she'd evenly distributed it over the pastry, she then scattered some chocolate chips over the top and rolled it up again.

Before popping it in the oven, she sliced the pastry into sections and baked it until it was golden.

Proving you can't go wrong with a cheese sandwich, the mum livened it up by chopping it up into bitesize pieces with a cookie cutter in another viral video.

After creating cheese sandwich circles and hearts, the mum also used the cookie cutter on a piece of cucumber too to get her kids to eat their greens.

And if breakfast is also a headache in your household, then this TikTok star has a genius savoury cupcake recipe that's bound to be a

To begin with, the mum placed a hash brown into the bottom of each cupcake mould and scattered some bacon lardons over them.

She then poured some whisked egg over the top, added another hash brown and finished off with cheese.

One fan gushed: "How yummy looking!"

Another added: "Those Nutella swirls!"

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