Kathryn Hahn on Embracing Her Makeup-Free Self for PEOPLE's Beautiful Issue: 'I Am Who I Am'

For Kathryn Hahn, posing makeup-free for PEOPLE's annual Beautiful Issue wasn't that out of the ordinary.

"I rarely wear makeup in my real life. A lot of the roles that I have done recently, I wear little-to-no makeup," the WandaVision actress, 47, says in the 2021 Beautiful Issue where she let her natural skin shine. "Oddly, I wore more makeup when I was in my 20s. I feel like I'm wearing less and less the older I get."

While Hahn says she loves a good swipe of lipstick or some tinted moisturizer to make her feel confident for a special event, for her everyday look she's "just not that bird" that loves wearing a lot of product. "I don't have time for it in my day," the star says.

Now that Hahn's daughter Mae, 11, is entering her preteen years (the actress is also mom to son Leonard, 14), she's started taking an interest in makeup — and sometimes wishes her mom wore more of it!

"I have a daughter who loves it when I have lipstick on. I think that she wishes I had makeup on all the time. She wishes she had a more glamorous mother," says Hahn. She's always like, 'Can you brush your hair today?' And I'm like, 'I know.' She always wishes I had color on my nails. It skipped a generation. My mother is very glamorous. I feel like my daughter is, too."

Back when Hahn was a teenager, she went through a "goth period" and wore "just a lot of makeup" all the time.

"I tried to do the wing eyeliner. I had the kind of lipstick that was so pale that it made your lips invisible. It was very matte-looking. The foundation was so thick and [there was] so much powder on top that you needed a sandblaster to take it off," she says.

By college, the actress's skin changed and she dealt with ongoing hormonal, cystic acne "all over my face" until her 40s. "I wore a ton of makeup until I got my acne under control. [After] having kids I went on a regimen that cleared it up," Hahn says. Once that happened, she finally felt confident enough to embrace her bare skin.

"My self-esteem, face-wise, really took a leap up. Acne really does something to your self-esteem, especially when you're on camera," says the actress. "Once that started clearing up, I definitely felt more comfortable not wearing makeup."

Her big beauty focus these days is taking care of her skin. "I stay out of the sun. I have a big skincare routine every morning. I wash my face. I have a toner. I have a bunch of serums. I love a face oil. The older I get, I've been definitely investing in skincare," says Hahn.

Carving out time for herself in the gym has always been an integral part of Hahn's beauty and wellness routine. "Working out has become a really important part of my life mentally. I feel beautiful after I've worked out," she says. "Exercise wasn't really a part of myself growing up. So I do feel beautiful when I feel like I've accomplished something physically."

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