Mum shows how to use fabric softener to remove stubborn wallpaper AND keep your home smelling amazing

STRIPPING your walls can be a messy and time-consuming process – and something we usually leave up to the professionals.

That said, if you fancy a spot of DIY then one woman has revealed how you can make the process a bit easier – and it'll make your home smell AMAZING.

Posting on the Facebook group DIY on a Budget Official, mum Megan Cann shared her foolproof hack for getting rid of stubborn lining paper.

She wrote: "Inexpensive top tip! If you're stuck with stubborn lining paper and don't have a steamer, mix some fabric conditioner with warmish water, dip your roller in (squeeze some excess off) and 'paint' your walls.

"Leave for a min and it peels off so easily!"

The product essentially softens the wallpaper – making it easier to remove with a stripping knife.

In the video, Megan tears huge shreds of wallpaper away after she soaked it in fabric softener.

She added: "BONUS – leaves the house smelling divine too!"

But once you've removed the wallpaper, it's important to either sand the walls down or wash them with sugar soap to avoid paint reacting with the fabric softener.

Megan's post has racked up 2,000 "likes" in the Facebook group – and people can't believe how they never thought of it before.

  • Lenor Fabric Softener in Love, £1.99 from B&M – see here

"So wish I knew this before taking mine off," one wrote. "Definitely keeping this in mind for next time!"

Another added: "I am so trying this this weekend, thank you!"

"I did this recently when I redecorated," another added. "Works great! So easy to get off."

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