Mum uses tin foil to help her baby sleep in the hot weather and it works just like a blackout blind | The Sun

A MUM has revealed her clever hack for helping her baby sleep through the night during the hot weather.

Ellis Couldridge, 26, from Dartford, was struggling to get six-month-old son George to sleep – because of the the heat and light coming through his bedroom curtains.

The mother researched different products online – such as reflective window wraps, fans and cooling mats. 

Then her partner came up with the genius idea of using water to stick tin foil to the windows – and it worked perfectly.

Ellis said: "George was struggling to sleep and I’d seen reflective window wraps for sale online as a way to cool and darken a room but they were expensive and wouldn't be here for weeks. 

"My partner said they looked just like tin foil so I thought 'why couldn't I use tin foil and give that a go?'

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"Our flat is so hot and George's nursery regularly reaches 24C – 26C on really hot days. It is also quite light even with blackout curtains."

The family-of-three live in a ground floor flat and don’t feel comfortable leaving windows open at night, so needed a solution that was baby safe but also wouldn't break the bank.

Ellis said she had exhausted all other options – she tried leaving the curtains shut during the day with the windows both open and shut, as well as trying different fans with and without frozen bottles placed in front of them. 

She said: "I even bought a cooling mat for under his sheets but this wasn't cold enough. Nothing seemed to offer a safe long term solution.

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"But as soon as I applied the tin foil, the room was totally dark with no light coming through at all."

The mother applied the tin foil to George’s bedroom windows in the evening using a spray water bottle – applying with the shiny side facing out. 

The following day was 27C and Ellis was amazed to see her tin foil trick had done the job. 

She added: "Usually George’s room would match the temperature outside but with the foil up it only reached 24C during the day and had dropped to 21C by bedtime.

"I was amazed that something so simple worked so well. It was totally dark and so much cooler.

"I just had to share this with other parents as I know this is a common problem in the warm weather.’"

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Ellis posted her hack in on Facebook and received hundreds of comments and likes. 

The mum also received messages from parents thanking her for the fabulous idea and admitting that they were going to try it themselves. 

She said: "George is going down so much easier, he goes to bed at 7pm so the sun is still shining. 

"He self settles which is easier for him now it's dark in the room. He has a better understanding that it is night time. 

"He also sleeps in until 8am now so it definitely keeps his room dark until he is ready to get up."

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