My neighbours have a huge privacy fence but still trashed MY garden for a gender reveal – I couldn’t even let my dog out | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared her annoyance after her neighbours left her garden trashed after doing a gender reveal.

Nikki showed her lawn littered with pink bits of paper despite them having a huge privacy fence – and said she wasn’t able to let her dog outside until it was cleaned up.

She uploaded a photo to Reddit explaining: “Neighbours had a gender reveal. 

“This was how backyard looked after the fact. 

“I have a dog that can’t be let out until it’s cleaned up, and this isn’t even half of it.”

People were quick to chime in and give their views on the neighbour row.

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One pointed out the huge fence, and said: “Guessing that because of the giant fence they built behind your already existing chainlink fence, they might not know that it's there.”

Many people had Nikki’s back and said she was right to be annoyed. 

One wrote: “I’d knock and tell them they need to come clean your yard up. Not to mention the pollution that’s going to slowly make its way into the ecosystem around you.”

Another added: “This is no different than throwing trash over the fence. They should have offered to come clean it instead of having to be told.”

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However, some said it wasn’t too much of an issue.

One advised: “Leaf blower will do it. Not a big deal.”

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