My parents had a leak in their 1940s house – we had to cut into the wall and made a stomach-churning discovery | The Sun

A TIKTOKER has revealed how her parents made an unsettling discovery behind an old wall.

During a renovation of their 1940s home, cutting into the drywall led to an unexpected relic.

Elizabeth (@ready.set.reno) addressed the discovery in a video posted to TikTok.

"OK, so we're working in my parents house that was built in like 1940s.

"In the bathroom there's been like a little slight leak, so we had it cut into the wall," she said.

She revealed the spooky discovery behind the wall — what appeared to be dozens of rusty old razor blades.

"Look at all these razor blades. Those are all razor blades that came out the wall.

Apparently they did this back in the day," she said.

Elizabeth explained how the pile of blades may have ended up behind the wall.

"When they had to change their razor blades all the time, they'd stick them down the wall," she said.

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The video drew in many viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

"We still have the original medicine cabinet in one of our bathrooms it has a little slot for the razor blades," one wrote. "Our wall is probably full."

"That is so cool," Elizabeth replied. "I would have loved to see the original."

"Yes," another chimed in. "Hotels had that, too."

"That is so crazy," Elizabeth wrote back. "I didn’t know hotels did that also."

"We have a slot in our 1970s medicine cabinet just for razor blades," a third commented, with Elizabeth replying: "That is so cool."

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