Nicola Peltz Beckham brought back every teenage trend on a trip with Selena Gomez

Written by Harriet Davey

Be prepared to feel nostalgic – Nicola Peltz Beckham has been wearing all the 90s trends, including mega-hoop earrings, a bandana and wrap sunglasses.

While most of us spent New Year’s Eve in a bar, at a house party or on the sofa waiting to watch the countdown on TV, Nicola Peltz Beckham spent hers on a yacht in Mexico with husband Brooklyn and new BFF Selena Gomez. We assume this is a relatively new friendship because Selena wasn’t at the pair’s wedding back in April 2022, but Nicola posted a picture on Instagram with the singer in November last year having a girls’ night in wearing matching pink pyjamas to celebrate Selena’s new documentary, My Mind & Me. And how did they ring in 2023? Wearing matching Valentino sparkly mini dresses on a private beach (still in Mexico), of course. And guess what? Nicola even posted a picture of them with matching ‘angel’ tattoos. The new Hollywood cool girls? We think so. 

While we naturally took a moment to admire the Valentino frocks, it’s Nicola’s holiday wardrobe that caught our attention. Making us feel instantly nostalgic, the actor wore every 90s accessory our teenage selves would have worn – all at once.

Posing with Selena and Brooklyn on the sandy shores, Nicola made us think it was 1999 in her paisley print bandana headscarf – a Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake favourite. Not only this, but Nicole also teamed it with supersize hoops (the bigger the better for this 90s style), an ear cuff, layered bangles and mirrored wrap sunglasses. Worn with a white tank top and halter neck bikini top to finish off the throwback look. 

If we were to enter ‘90s trends’ into Pinterest, we’re pretty sure all of these things would top the list. 

Christina Aguilera 1999

Another fan of all things 90s is supermodel Bella Hadid. We have to say, though, she went one step further by trying out skinny brows. We’re sure most people who over-plucked in their teenage bedrooms will shudder at the thought. And yes, she also made a case for the return of the skinny neck scarf and rhinestone-adorned sunnies. 

Bella Hadid wearing 90s sunglasses

It’s giving us Paris Hilton circa 2001 vibes, and with the return of everything Y2K, we’re not surprised all of the throwback accessories are continuing to make a comeback. 

Paris and Nicky Hilton 2001

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