We gave our son a name ‘fit for a unique new person’ – people hate it but say he ‘won the Lotto compared to sibling’ | The Sun

A COUPLE has given their son a moniker they see as quite different and "fit for a unique person."

While his name is untraditional, Reddit users can't seem to get past his older sister's name.

Posting to a Reddit forum, a user on the platform wrote: "My cousin recently had a kid and they decided on this mashup."

They then shared a group email they received from their cousin.

Their cousin stated: "Our Dear Friends and Family,

"We hope you had a wonderful 2022! It's been a while since our last update and quite a lot has happened.

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"First, we're excited to announce a new addition to our family. Arzinor Elio. He was born on the winter solstice, a little before Christmas.

"He was very easy to deliver and [omitted] and him are both healthy."

She went on to explain that his first name, Arzinor (AR-zih-NOR), is "unique" and fit for a "unique person."

She also added that while looking for name inspiration, they asked his big sister, Mivimre, what her brother's name was, and she consistently said things starting with A.

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While Reddit users weren't too fond of Arzinor's interesting name, they took great issue with older sister Mivimre's name.

"I came to say he won the lotto compared to [his] sibling! At least one can reasonably sound out Arzinor. Mivimre is like trying to scream through duct tape," one commented.

Adding on to that, another said: "Literally came to say this. Forget Arzinor wtf is Mivimre?!"

"Not even pronounceable! So much worse," a third person chimed in.

"The f*ck is that name? Mi-vim-ree?" a final person wrote.

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