Princess Diana giggles on a bed and cradles a pal’s baby in rarely seen photos taken by Harry and Wills

RARE photos of Diana taken by Harry and Wills show a relaxed and smiling side to the princess.

Princess Diana was the most photographed woman in the world, but a series of photos have emerged after being hidden away for years.

Taken in 1989, they show a youthful Diana, aged around 28, before her marriage to Prince Charles collapsed.

The mum-of-two was visiting her close friend Carolyn Bartholomew and her son, Jack, Princess Diana's godson.

The photos were taken on a camera belonging to Jack's nanny, Mary Bruce, who kept them among her mementos.

It turns out the princes themselves were behind the lens after they hold of the camera and started clicking away.

After Mary passed away in 2007, she gave them to her best friend Isabella Paton's son, Norrie.

The electrician, from Dundee, told the Daily Mail: "Diana has been pictured so many times, but these are special.

"Mary was a family friend for many years and I first saw the pictures when I was visiting my mother's house in 1989.

"Mary was there,and showed them to us.

"I said they would be a great memento and I would love to have them.

"She laughed and said, 'You can have them when I'm gone – when I won't need them any more'.

"And true to her word, a few months before she passed away she gave my mother the pictures to give to me.

"Mary didn't have any family so I suppose her gifts had to be shared out to those in her immediate circle of friends."

It seems she knew how special they were, as Isabella said she hoped they brought the public as much joy as they did her family.

She said: "Mary knew how special these pictures were.

"When she gave me an envelope with the pictures inside, she said, 'There you are. I'm keeping my promise to Norrie.'"

"She [Mary] told me the boys borrowed her camera and took the photographs. It was a very nice afternoon.

"I think she'd be really happy that the pictures are being published now and I am sure they will bring as much pleasure to the public as they have brought to me and my son."

In one of the shots, which shows Diana in white shorts and a pink jumper, she smiles cheekily at the camera.

In another shot seven-year-old Prince William is grinning in between his mother and Carolyn.

Other photos show Diana, as well as five-year-old Harry, holding baby Jack.

And Diana is also pictured holding baby Jack at a family gathering, surrounded by people.

The photos were first published in 2007 after Mary Bruce died, and have recently re-emerged.

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