Savvy mum reveals how to get rid of fingerprint smears on appliances in SECONDS & you already have everything you need

A MOTHER has revealed the easy way she keeps those pesky fingerprints smears off of her kitchen appliances, and you will already have everything you need at home.

Dee is a blogger from Sydney who updates her followers on her life and her family, and she recently shared the easy-to-follow hack on her Instagram and TikTok account themodepursuit.

"Kids home all day and putting fingerprints on everything? Try this hack to clean them and keep them clean!" she captioned the video she uploaded.

It might seem surprising, but the mother swears by simply using shaving foam and a microfibre cloth.

In the clip, she said this is the number one hack for a streak-free shine on appliances.

"Spray on product or cloth. Rub in till foam disappears along with fingerprints and stains," Dee directed her followers.

"Wow definitely going to try this," one person commented.

"What a great hack," said another.

Another follower added: "Such a good hack, will definitely do that."

Previously she shared another easy-to-follow easy hack, this time on how to make your kitchen smell nice after you've cleaned it.

All you have to do is seal the kitchen drain, fill it with hot water and open up a diffuser with the scent you like.

Next, you simply have to add a drop of the oil to the sink and let it steam for 30 minutes.

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