Shoppers are divided over a very cheeky B&M vase | The Sun

B&M bargain hunters are divided over one very cheeky homeware item on its shelves.

The budget retailer asked shoppers recently if they wanted to "grab" its bum-shaped vase.

Lovers of the bargain retailer often take to social media to share their B&M "shopping hauls" which can include everything from homewares and cleaning products to children's toysand confectionary.

And the retailer divided opinion after sharing pics of a very different vase.

A picture of the bum-shaped vase filled with pampas grass was shared to Twitter, asking shoppers who wanted to give it a "grab"

The post said: "Pamper yourself with pampas in a bum vase! It makes such a cute addition to your home; for only £10! Who else wants to give this a grab?!"

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It had a mixed reaction from loyal followers of the cut-price retailer.

One user replied with a picture of what she had recently bought from the store and said: "I didn't go for the bum vase lol but lots of other bits and pieces."

Whilst another said: "This has to be trolling."

One person was less than impressed and said: "Good god no. I wouldn't pay £1 for that it's awful."

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Another said: "I had pampas in a pot in the 70s and now the comeback means more can enjoy it."

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