Super dad Noel Radford decorates downstairs bathroom for just £200 after being quoted £4k by the professionals

THE maintenance on a house as large as theirs costs a small fortune.

So when it comes to renovations, the Radford family do what they can to use their skills and DIY it, rather than bringing in professionals.

And after being quoted a staggering £4,000 to redo their downstairs bathroom, dad of 22 Noel Radford decided to take matters into his own hands.

"Noel’s been busy decorating the downstairs toilet today," Sue posted on the family's Instagram Stories.

"Only cost £200 as opposed to the £4k we were quoted to refit it."

She only gave a sneak peek at the room, but wallpaper with a large leaf pattern could be seen adorning the wall.

One area the family might not be able to save much money, however, is gifts for Valentine's Day.

In another Instagram Stories post, Sue admitted she'd sent Noel a link to the gift she wants for the romantic occasion.

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"When you’ve had something in your basket for the past two days but can’t bring yourself to check out," she wrote.

"So have sent @noelradford the link for Valentine’s Day. Wink wink!"

The Radford live in a 10-bedroom former care home which Sue and Noel brought for £240,000 back in 2004.

Since 2004, they have welcomed 13 more children into their lives, but yet somehow still manage to fit 19 of their 22 kids into their home.

And 18 of the 22 children still live at home, while the three eldest – Chris, Sophie and Chloe – have moved out but still regularly visit the family home.

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And mum Sue reveals where the bumper brood are going next on their holidays.

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