Taylor Swift Gives the World a Sneak Peek of Her New Merch

Taylor Swift has been working on something big — and we might have just gotten a peek at the merchandise she’s about to release.

On April 22, the 29-year-old songwriter was spotted in New York City wearing Gucci sneakers, floral pink Urban Outfitter shorts and a blush-colored sweatshirt that had her name scrolled across the sleeve. While some have speculated that it’s part of an upcoming fashion line she’s launching, others assume it has to do with the album she’s likely dropping later this week.

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As a master of hidden clues and riddles, Swift uploaded a mysterious clock to her Instagram stories on April 12, counting down until April 26. The most popular theory is the countdown is to her next album drop, which fans are calling TS7.

Embracing and promoting this light pink and pastel color scheme lately, the “Blank Space” singer has dropped all kinds of hazy (and confusing) hints about what to expect. In March, she attended the iHeartRadio Music Awards with her strands dip-dyed pink, a look she’s still rocking. As for her Instagram, snaps of turquoise bikes, peachy sequins and yellow bags have taken over the entire aesthetic.

These pretty and delicate hues are far cry from what we saw during her Reputation days. For the 2017 tour, fans saw a lot harsher and darker shades of black and grey with pops of army green.

This latest sweatshirt tease has fans buzzing. “She’s really out here teasing us with new merch for this era already and we aint even got a single yet,” @HeyyHeather wrote. “Her arm says Taylor Swift that’s new merch I’m dying im so ready,” exlaimed another. “Her arm says Taylor Swift that’s new merch I’m dying im so ready,” Tweeted @ellsohelle.

“Taylor swift unexpectedly wearing her own new merch before even informing us of the name of the album while acting like everything’s normal is such a taylor swift thing to do,” @dcntblamemes wrote.

At least we only have a couple more days before we find out!

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