‘Terrible’ baby name has people in hysterics as it sounds like office supplies | The Sun

A BABY name has people in hysterics as they say it sounds like office supplies.

Widely accepted names like Lake, Willow, and Moon have made it to "popular baby names" lists for some time – but there is one non-traditional moniker that people can't seem to get behind.

A Reddit user took to the platform to share a baby name that they discovered on a 'terrible baby names' Facebook group.

While unique names are becoming increasingly common, people are drawing the line at one name that's been mentioned.

The name in question is "Banner."

When most of us hear the word banner, we likely think of a long strip of cloth bearing a specific message or design.

The name may very well remind you of something you would come across in an office, and some people have deemed it an unusual name for a child.

In the comments section of the Reddit post, users shared their opinions on the unique name.

"No f**king way," wrote one person in disbelief.

Offering other names they regarded as more cringe-y, another said: "At least it’s not another Zayden, Greyden, Raiden, Aeden, Brayden, Caden, etc."

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A different user found the name to not be as bad as others were making it out to be.

They said: "Awkwardly looking around in this forum whispering 'I think it’s a cool name…'"

And with a solid explanation for the unusual moniker, an additional person wrote: "Banner is a surname, and I've read that it's increasingly common for parents to give their kids, particularly daughters, last names as first names.

"Something to do with giving girls names that sound more assertive or whatever and not typically feminine."

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