The best home transformations you can do for under £30, from hotel-inspired bathrooms to stunning kitchen makeovers

FORGET spending thousands when it comes to renovating your home, because you can get luxurious magazine-worthy designs for a fraction of the cost.

Savvy homeowners are showing of their impressive makeovers done on a budget – from hotel-inspired bathrooms to stunning kitchen designs – and they are so incredible.

Bathroom bliss

Ripping out bathrooms is out of the question for many homeowners who are instead revamping what they already have using stick-on tiles and clever grout pens.

A savvy mum managed to overhaul her bland bathroom for less than £30 by using some stick-on tiles which she bought from Dunelm for £14 a pack – but they can be bought elsewhere like Poundland and Amazon too.

She revealed that as she rents the house, she couldn’t make any permanent changes but found a crafty way to update her bathroom floor – and it's seriously all she needed.

The stick on tiles are available in a range of designs and colours, making them a popular choice for DIY enthusiasts.

Another woman decided to do the same by giving her boring white bathroom a monochrome makeover, using adhesive tiles on the floor and a black grout pen on the walls.

The black grout from can be bought from Screwfix, costing just £8.99, or on eBay for cheaper- so it's a great way to to modernise often boring white tiles.

Stylish kitchens

Rather than redesigning kitchens entirely, many people are relying on sticky-back plastic and a fresh lick of paint to get the job done.

Sticky-back plastic is an adhesive vinyl DIY fanatics are using on worktops, cupboards and even appliances -and can be picked up from stores like B&M for as little as £5 a roll.

Alternatively, or sometimes as well as the vinyl, many have proved a fresh paint job can go a long way, choosing Frenchic furniture paint in a range of luxe colours to change the look and feel.

You can also use adhesive tiles in your kitchen too, as many have done, creating a completely new look without the added cost.

Stylish stairs

DIY fans have been trying out wood panelling to spruce up their otherwise ordinary walls, but one crafty woman tried it on her stairs instead – and it looks amazing. 

The stunning design cost her just £30 using wood from B&Q and has now completely transformed her once drab staircase.

The crafty homeowner posted snaps of the makeover to Facebook where it was met with huge praise from fellow DIY fans.

Along with the new panelling that runs halfway up the wall, the woman also painted the top half of the beige wall a stunning lush grey.

She wrote: "Had a go at this Panelling malarkey… Wasn't so bad.. I really can't believe the difference it makes to a hallway… Thank you for the inspiration."

She also added that the carpet on the stairs were random cut offs from her "local carpet guy" and said it was all done "completely on a budget".

You can also try the panelling in bedrooms, on doors and in the living room too, with many people swearing by the method for a luxurious feel.

Savvy stencil

A cheap and savvy way people are sprucing up their homes is by using a stencil and some paint on various surfaces around the home.

One woman explained how she'd been wanting to buy a new fireplace for her home – but couldn't afford it just yet.

Determined to make the most of what she had, the savvy shopper picked up a pretty ornate stencil from Esty and some white and grey paint instead.

After painting the border and mantelpiece white, she then went over the stencil with a grey Dulux shade – which took only a matter of minutes.

She then finished off by spray-painting the actual fireplace with a black heat-resistant Wilko product – and it looks incredible.

People are using the cheap method outside too, transforming grotty patios into chic and open spaces.

One woman named Lisa shared snaps online of her incredible garden makeover using little more than paint and a stencil.

She repainted the patio using Weathershield’s Dark Grey shade, which costs £17 from B&M, before using the Plymouth Grey shade for the pattern.

Lisa bought a chic stencil from Dizzy Duck to give it a professional finish, adding it would have to do until she was able to landscape it properly.

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