The ‘bouncing spoon’ is the sex position that promises women more orgasms

The ‘bouncing spoon’ is perfect for couples who want to take spooning to the next level.

Spooning involves nestling your bodies together – just like the kitchen utensil. The woman then lifts her legs slightly, allowing penetration from behind.

As there is only limited scope for movement, the position usually allows for slow and sensual sex.

But there is a way to elevate it.  Instead of snuggling lying down, lovers are encouraged to sit up and adopt a more 'reverse cowgirl stance'.

The man can lean against the headboard or a wall for support, while women are advised to rest their heads on their partner’s shoulders.

This provides some intimacy that cowgirl is missing, as well as giving blokes the opportunity to explore their partner’s body with their hands.

According to the Bad Girls Bible, ladies who find it difficult to orgasm will benefit from this extra stimulation.

“If you are looking for something intimate… then this is a great position, especially when you lean right back into your man and he wraps his arms around you,” Bad Girls Bible said.

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