The simple hair hacks that guarantee you a salon-worthy finish in MINUTES – including an instant volumising tip

EVERY so often, we genuinely consider re-training as a hairdresser just so we could have a salon-worthy blow dry everyday.

Does that ring a bell for you too? Well fear not – because we've scoured TikTok for the top hair hacks that'll give our lacklustre looks an instant boost.

And the best part is, they take just MINUTES to do and you don't need any special tools.

Instant Volumising Tip

Last year, beauty vlogger Quinty Mirjam shared this clever time-saving tip that gives her long thick hair an instant boost of volume.

In a viral video that's racked up over 40,000 "likes", the star styles it into a centre parting and uses a sectioning clip to lift the front pieces of hair off her head.

After spritzing a healthy amount of heat protection of spray over her locks, Quinty then blitzes the pinned back section with a hairdryer.

Once she's done this, she removes the clip and flips her hair to give it some extra body.

Showing off the impressive results, she captioned the video: "How to [get] volume in two minutes!"

Easy French Braid

As we never mastered the art of the French braid in primary school, we assumed we'd never be able to do it… that is, until we saw Harmony Miller's tutorial.

The first step is to part your hair in the middle and give it a good brush through so there are no knots.

She then takes half of her hair and chucks it into a ponytail so that it doesn't get in the way.

She then says to take a small section from the front of the head and another section the same size just underneath and twist them.

Each time you twist you then add a small bit of hair to each section, like a French braid but without actually braiding it.

She then says once you have twisted it to the bottom of your scalp you can then divide the hair into three sections and start plaiting.

Harmony ties the bottom of the plait with a hairband and uses a few bobby pins to keep the twists in place. Genius.

Heat-free Beachy Waves

Last year, Love Island's Dani Dyer took one for the team when she tried out this viral TikTok hack which promises amazing beachy waves without ANY heat.

Dani filmed a IGTV where she raved about how the curls "lasted all day long" – which she says NEVER normally happens.

She said: "It's so quick and easy, [there's] no heat. Whoever thought of this is a genius!"

To begin with, Dani separated her long locks into two bunches and places the dressing gown chord over her head.

Giving her 3.2m followers a step-by-step guide, Dani said: "You get the front bit of your hair, get it over the dressing gown and get another bit of hair from behind and put it under."

You then continue wrapping sections of hair from the front and back around the chord until it's almost entirely covered.

As you reach the end of your hair, simply twirl the final strands around the remaining chord – and for the best results, Dani recommends leaving it overnight.

"Make sure you pull it tight," she added. "Because if you sleep like me and you're a bit of a tosser and turner, then it might get a little bit messy."

She then secured her handiwork with a hair tie and began the process again on the other side.

In the caption of her tutorial, Dani wrote: "I slept with it overnight and got my bouncy curl results, I did mine with dry hair but I think you can also do with damp."

Posting a picture of her bouncy curls afterwards, Dani joked that the TikTok hack had "changed her life".

One Minute Princess Plait

TikTok star Holly Aura has revealed her super simple tutorial for creating the perfect princess plait

Walking her 875,000 followers through the process, Holly begins by styling her long brown hair into a side parting.

After giving in a thorough brush to get rid of any tangles, Holly then takes two pieces of hair by her parting and wraps the bottom one underneath the top.

She then repeats this process as she works her way down the side of her head.

When she gets to her ear, Holly stops wrapping her hair, divides it into three sections and begins to braid it like a normal plait.

"Now I feel like a princess," she said.

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