The VERY simple ways you can save hundreds on your Christmas shop – including going incognito on your computer

THERE’S no getting away from it – Christmas is expensive, lockdown or not with the average Brit spending around £1,000 EACH.

But the festivities don’t have to drain your finances as you could be saving hundreds by just making a few simple changes to the way you shop.

Here we reveal the easy tips to follow to make sure you’re not left short this season…


If you use the Google Chrome web browser, you may have heard about Incognito Mode.

Incognito Mode is designed to (partially) conceal your internet activity, and the websites you visit.

Not only does that mean that your family won’t be able to snoop at your history to look at what gifts you’ve been buying – it can also help save you money.

It prevents companies from tracking what you’ve been eyeing up and bumping up prices (ever seen a flight cost suddenly shoot up?)

To use it, you'll need Google Chrome installed.

On PC, simply press CTRL-SHIFT-N on your keyboard to launch it.


You’ll probably be sick to your back teeth of the pop-ups that open as soon as you arrive at a website begging you to sign up to their mailing list.

But before you exit the pop-up, not so fast – most companies will over some serious discounts to first time customers.

Signing up to a mailing list could see you get up to 15 per cent off your first order, and you can always unsubscribe come December 26.


Haggling might be a technique that you had reserved for the market but you can use it online too according to consumer campaigners Which?.

Shoppers should approach stores with an online chat function to get the best deals.

They urged bargain hunters: “Build rapport, show interest in the product and mention better deals elsewhere. Be friendly, mention how useful the chat service was and joke how useless you are at online shopping.”

The group also suggested asking about the product and saying you want it but it is just outside your budget.

It added: “Staff are more willing to cut prices if you suggest you’re ready to buy.”


We’ve all been there; scouring the web for a voucher code so that we can shave a few pounds off a purchase only to find it’s invalid or expired.

However, by installing Honey on your computer you will never have to look for deals again.

Honey automatically searches for deals across 28,000 stores online, and will notify you of any discounts available while automatically applying them to your cart.


There are many cashback sites to take advantage of. Luckily, most can be used alongside other offers.

For example, existing and new members of can gain cashback on purchases with selected retailers.

You can also use Airtime Rewards to drive down your phone bill and layer promos on top.

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