There’s a super easy way to get crayons off anything and everything – all it takes are two items

PARENTS who constantly find themselves cleaning crayon marks off of furniture, walls, and anything else their little ones can get a hold of can finally relax. 

There’s a hack that allows you to remove crayons from anything and everything in just two simple steps.

TikToker Afton Taylor shared a video to her page that shows crayon being removed from plastic in just seconds.

“First you heat it up with a blow dryer for 10 to 15 seconds,” she said.

“Then you get a wet microfiber cloth and just wipe it off. It’s so easy.”

She noted that you may sometimes have to repeat the process depending on how serious the crayon stains are, but a second time will usually do the trick. 

Her tip is just one of many shared by fellow parents on the social media platform. 

Another mom of young children shared her hack to get fussy kids to wear their winter coats when leaving the house.

“When logic isn’t working, try incorporating play,” she suggested.

In this case, she challenges her kids to a race to see who can get their winter gear on the quickest.

A third mother revealed a genius hack to help prevent getting peed on while changing a baby’s diaper. 

“To ensure that your little one has completely finished going to the bathroom, before changing their diaper, swipe a wet cold wipe down their belly button,” she said.

“This will cause them to finish up before you change them.”

Parenting can be tough, but the moms and dads of the internet are surely sharing all the knowledge they can to help fellow parents succeed.

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