How to Turn Anyone Into an Instagram Boyfriend

I’m a visual person and I always have been. I learn visually and make memories visually, so while you can joke that I’m a typical millennial who can’t live in the moment or without my phone, it’s probably true and I have an Instagram feed full of beautiful memories to show for it.

I’m all for a vacation with minimal phone service and an itinerary full of hiking and nature, but let’s be real, I’m still coming back with an album’s worth of photos that I’ll cherish forever to remember the exact moment I asked a stranger, “Can you take my photo? Great. This is EXACTLY how I want it to look.”

Thus my concern when heading off on a 10-day trek with my significant other. Before we even left the States, I warned him that I’d be asking him to take my picture a lot. And while he assured me that he’d taken photography classes in college, I wasn’t convinced that he knew what he was getting himself into.

So, I took it upon myself to use our six-hour flight as the perfect crash course to turn my seemingly average boyfriend into the mythical Instagram boyfriend. *cue spotlights and angel choir* There are five very important things an Instagram boyfriend looks for when taking your photo: good lighting, a clean and nondistracting background, a flattering angle, an eye for any awkward poses, and the capacity to fit your whole outfit into the shot (major key).


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