Why 'Frisky Friday' is the day your partner is most likely to cheat – and how to check if you're suspicious | The Sun

"FRISKY Friday" has been dubbed the day your significant other is most likely to cheat.

July 22 is apparently the most popular day of the year for partners to be unfaithful, according to the UK's "leading married-dating website" IllicitEncounters.

IllicitEncounters has predicted that Friday, July 22, 2022 will see a 77 percent rise in affairs, according to the Doncaster FreePress

The reasoning behind this popular cheating date is due to schools closing for the summer.

A poll set up by the dating website found that 87 percent of cheaters continue to contact their affair partner throughout the summer months.

Additionally, the website found that 24 percent of affairs are discovered when suspicious partners look through their lover's phone.

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Meanwhile, 20 percent of people learned of their partner's dishonesty through a friend, and 17 percent by accessing their computer or laptop, the study found.

IllicitEncounters notes that other cheaters have been caught when their partners check bank statements, find them being untruthful, or actually see them cheating.

And only five percent of cheaters were caught when their significant others found their dating app or website profile.

Jessica Leoni, a sex and relationships guru for IllicitEncounters, explains: "More people cheat leading up to, or straight after, a family affair."

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She continues: "Cheating tends to peak just before and after the summer holidays as well as Christmas – why?

"Because adulterers know that they have to go on a bit of a cheat break when they’re spending time with family.

"As soon as the obligatory family time ends, they get back onto the unfaithful train."

The sex expert says technology has made it easier for people to cheat – and catch adulterers as a digital trail can be left behind and tracked.

"You have to cheat smart, use passwords and aliases, clear your history, make sure you’re covering up your tracks," Leoni said.

According to the married-dating site, affairs "are ripe when the weather is hot" as more people cheat during the warmer months.

The website added that "more adulterers look to cheat in the first three weeks of July than any other time of the year" and the "second most popular month for affairs is June."

September and January are also considered peak cheating months as "loverats return to their lovers after long holidays with their family," IllicitEncounters explains.

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